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Cake with fresh cabbage.

Cake with fresh cabbage.
Cake with fresh cabbage.Malosdobnye cakes and pies prepared from the dough is very soft consistency. For a large cake ready dough is divided into two pieces. From one piece rolled around the reservoir thickness
1 cm. Then it navertyvayut on the rolling pin and transfer to a well-oiled baking sheet or three bumpers. On the expansion of the dough evenly put the stuffing. The edges of the cake to lift and wrap filling. Roll out the second layer of dough is placed on the filling and the edges zaschipyvayut.
Prepared cake put on proofing in a warm place for 10-15 minutes, then lubricate it with oil or egg. If the cake surface is oiled, it is sprinkled with crushed crackers. After the lubricant on the surface of the cake make punctures a knife in several places in order to avoid blisters formed the upper crust during baking.
The cake is baked at a temperature of 210-220 ° C for 25- 30 minutes.
Ready pie shift on the table, ready made paper, and covered with a cloth. If the pie crust get tough, it must be covered with a damp cloth.
Preparation of the filling. Peeled and finely chopped cabbage is placed in a pot, pour the milk and pripuskayut until tender. Onions finely cut and fry in butter, then mixed with cabbage and steep chop eggs, salt to taste everything.
* For the dough: 7 cup flour, cup of milk 2, 4 Art. Spoon fat, 1 Art. spoonful of sugar, eggs 2, 1 teaspoon salt, 40 g yeast.
For the filling: 1 kg of cabbage, a glass of milk 1, 3 Art. tablespoons butter, eggs 4, 1 onion, 1 / 2 teaspoon salt.

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