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May Cupcake

May Cupcake 
May CupcakeThe product is baked from the dough prepared sponge method ..
* For the sponge: about 1 / 3 flour, put the norm, poured 1 / 3 part warm water (32- 34 ° C), add yeast, divorced separate a small amount of warm water, stir and leave to ferment for 40-50 minutes in a warm place (at about 30 ° C).
Margarine or butter, sugar, vanilla powder, salt and remaining flour mix until smooth, add to it brew, raisins and knead the dough for 7- 8 minutes. The dough is then left to ferment at a temperature 30- 32 ° C in 45-55 minutes, then lay out on the table, sprinkled with flour. The dough is divided into pieces, put it into greased cylindrical molds and allowed to proofing (at about 30 ° C) 20- 25 min.
When the dough will increase in volume in 2-2,5 times, lubricate the surface of the egg, in a few places make punctures a depth 2-3 cm and bake at tem¬perature 190-200 ° C.
After cooling, the cake is removed from the form, the place and smooth out Scroched sprinkle the top and sides with powdered sugar.
* In 500 g flour - 150 g sugar, 2 eggs, 100 g butter margarine or butter, 80 g raisins, 25 g yeast, 1 package of vanilla powder, 3 / 4 glasses of water, 1 teaspoon butter margarine or butter for greasing forms, 1 egg for lubrication products, 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar for sprinkling the cake.

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