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Fried pies with chocolate sauce.

Fried pies with chocolate sauceDonuts with chocolate sauce
Products for cooking: 500 g of flour, egg yolks 6, 60 g butter, 50 grams of powdered sugar, milk g 400, 20 grams of rum or brandy, 20 g yeast, fat and salt; for the gravy: 5 slices of chocolate, 60 g sugar, 150 g cream, 3 yolk.
Flour, egg yolks, melted butter, rum or brandy, sugar and salt is mixed with the dissolved yeast in warm milk, kneaded well and set aside in a warm place for fermentation.
When the dough is suitable, on a board sprinkled with flour, roll the dough into 1,5 cm thick, and again set aside in a warm place to rise. Then teaspoon separated from the overall piece of small pieces, dipped them in a bowl with plenty of hot oil and fry on all sides. Serve with chocolate sauce, which is prepared as follows: whisk the melted chocolate, egg yolks, cream and sugar on low heat. After removing from heat, continue to whisk broom to cool.

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