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Roll "Weasel"

Roll "Weasel"
Kneaded dough is divided into 8 pieces and left on the board at 90 minutes. Then, each piece rolled into a square formation, covered with stuffing, sprinkled with goose fat or liquid honey (in 1 Art. Spoonful), sprinkle with finely chopped candied fruit or berries in sugar and rolled into a roll. Baking smeared with oil, placed in his rolls, pierce them in several places, 2 times smeared egg, give the lie 20 minutes and bake until done.
Preparation of the filling. Ground nuts, sugar, vanilla, ground cloves and lemon peel mixed. Walnut can be replaced with poppy seeds.
* For the dough: 500 g flour, 200 g goose fat, 2 / 3 cup of sugar, a little salt, boiled egg yolks 3, 1 raw egg, raw egg yolk 1, 150 g dry natural wine, 8 Art. spoons of honey.
For the filling: 300 g walnuts, 2,5 ST. spoons of sugar, vanilla, cloves and a little grated lemon peel, candied fruit or berries in sugar.Roll "Weasel"

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