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tourist cookies

Tourist COOKIES* Products for cooking: 300 g flour, 120 g butter, 100 g sugar, egg yolks 3, 1 / 2 powder for biscuits, 1 teaspoon of sour cream; For the filling: egg whites 3, 150 grams of peach jam, 50 grams of powdered sugar.
From the above products is kneaded dough. 2 / 3 dough is rolled into the reservoir and placed in a small, greased baking sheet. The rest is put on half an hour in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, the prepared stuffing. To this end, the sugar is mixed with peach jam and gently add whipped in a solid foam egg whites. All is well mixed and spread on a baking sheet seam in. Then the dough from the refrigerator on a coarse grater rub evenly to the filling. Bake in the oven until golden color and forms crisp.
The finished cookies cut into the cooled pieces of any shape.
This cookie is stored for a long time fresh.

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