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Fimenny cake

BRAND CAKE* Products for cooking: eggs 2, 100 g sugar, 70 g muky, 50 g of oil; Cream: 200 g of strong black coffee, 180 8 sugar, 50 g butter, cocoa g 20, 2 egg yolk, cherry infused in rum or brandy; Glaze: 20 g of cocoa, sugar grams 20, 30 g of butter, a little water.
In whipped in a solid foam proteins one by one add the egg yolks, sugar, flour and melted but not hot butter. Was mixed, spread in a greased with butter form of cakes and baked until golden-yellow color. Baked a cake, without removing from the mold, cover with cream on top of stack stoned, cherry infused in rum and set one hour in the refrigerator.
The cream is prepared as follows: egg yolks kneaded with sugar to form a foam mass, cocoa powder is added, diluted brewed black coffee and steamed until a thick mass. After removing from heat, stirring, cooled and mixed with butter.
After removing the cake from the refrigerator, cover it with icing. Prepare it as follows: cocoa powder and sugar were mixed and boiled in a little water until a thick mass. After removing from heat, immediately put the butter and stir until it has melted.
Covering icing, cake again put in the refrigerator.

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