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Sweet pastry

Sweet pastryProducts:
Wheat flour - 4 cups, Sugar - 1 cup, Butter or margarine - 100 - 200 g, Eggs - 1 - 2 pcs., Water or sour cream, milk or kefir - 8 tbsp. tablespoons, Soda - 1/4 teaspoon, Salt - 1/2 teaspoon.
Yield: 1000, the
Knead the dough in the following order: first, margarine and butter are softened for a plastic state for 5-8 minutes, sugar is dissolved separately in water, eggs are added and everything is mixed. The resulting mixture is combined in small portions with oil, the last thing added is flour mixed with soda. Knead the dough very quickly (no more than 20 - 30 s), otherwise the carbon dioxide formed will evaporate, and the volume of products during baking does not increase.

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