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Roasted goose - a test of time

In many countries, the symbol of the Christmas holiday table becomes delicious goose with apples, the recipe of which we present in our menu of four dishes, designed for six people. Put on the table also dishes with fresh fruit and fragrant pastries. A festively decorated table can be decorated with white snow bird figures.

New Year - action plan
On the eve
To purchase products, prepare mousse, cook the broth, bake pancakes, cook sherbet.

On the day of the arrival of the guests
In the morning
Process goose, prepare a salad of cucumber and sauce for appetizers.

For 3 hours before guests arrive
Roast goose and put it in the oven to bake, cut process and Savoy cabbage.

Shortly before the arrival of guests
Put mousse from trout on cucumbers, cover, put in a cold place. Prepare and put in a warm place Savoy cabbage, heat the broth.

After the arrival of the guests
Anticipated Aperitif and mashed potatoes before serving cut fries.

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