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5 tips on cooking for people with allergies

Currently, the percentage of people suffering from allergies is very high, since not only stress, polluted air, water, but also many other factors can cause a negative reaction in the human body, among them - malnutrition, which can cause food allergies.

Let us dwell on this in more detail.

An allergic reaction is the result of an altered reaction of the human body to the effects of any component of the product, to which the body has a high susceptibility. Modern people do not pay enough attention to proper nutrition due to lack of time, so their diet more often includes carbonated drinks, instant soups, convenience foods, instant food with various chemical additives, canned food, which can be potentially dangerous as allergens.

Umak, first allergy advice: study carefully the composition of the products you buy! The main reason for food allergies is the widespread use of surrogates, dyes, preservatives in the production process. They are classified as nutritional supplements - these are substances that are added to food to improve taste, appearance, and also to increase shelf life and facilitate processing. In addition, they are not nutritious, i.e. absolutely useless for the human body, but they can do harm.

Those who suffer from food allergies, doctors are advised to gradually get used to the intolerable product. If the products do not play a special role in the human diet, they are simply excluded from use. Such products can be: chocolate, strawberry, citrus, honey, watermelon, tomato, etc. But there is a group of important products that are difficult to exclude from the human diet, such as: potatoes, meat, bakery products, eggs, milk.

And here is the second tip: with prolonged processing at a temperature of 90-100 ° C (fish, chicken, chicken eggs, milk, etc.), the allergenicity of food products decreases. Cow's milk is the most common cause of food allergies. With age, the susceptibility to milk decreases. Boiling weakens the sensitizing properties of milk. As for eggs, it is preferable to eat boiled eggs and scrambled eggs, as in this form they are less likely to cause allergies.

Another trick to reduce the allergenicity of foods is the proper preparation of foods before they are prepared. For example, potatoes and cereals are recommended to be soaked for several hours in cold water. Although potatoes can not cause severe allergies, starch, which is part of the potato, can cause a reaction. Before steeping potatoes need to be cut. In this way, you can get rid of various nitrates and starch. It is necessary to periodically drain and change the water.

If you want to make a soup, then here's a tip for you - eat a vegetarian one, poultry and meat broths contain many extractive substances that provoke allergies. But if you cannot refuse meat in any way, then to boil it correctly, you need to pour out the broth at least once, in order to remove such harmful substances as hormones, as well as various medications used to treat animals.

And finally, another tip: replace the ingredients that cause allergies, but with a lesser degree of allergenicity. For example, milk can be replaced with fermented milk products. They also contain calcium, which is sufficient in milk. But you can only replace chicken eggs with meat. Better beef or chicken. Coffee can also cause allergies, so it should be replaced with herbal teas.

Do not be discouraged if your favorite food is banned, because having prepared the food wisely, you can not only use the “allowed”, but also those that you cannot refuse, reducing their allergenicity, following a few simple recommendations.

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