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6 useful recipes for fruit drinks and soul health

Winter is coming, so the chances of falling with the flu or a cold soar. Therefore not be amiss to further strengthen the immune system. Among other measures, it is possible to cook healthy fruit drinks, recipes that will be enough.

Winter is coming, so the chances of falling with the flu or a cold soar. Therefore not be amiss to further strengthen the immune system. Among other measures, it is possible to cook healthy fruit drinks, recipes that will be enough.

Cranberry Antivirus

How to cook delicious mors? First you need to select the right components. One of the proven options - Morse from cranberries, useful properties of which are very valuable for the body during the riot of viruses. There are dozens of recipes for preparing cranberry mors, and their composition can be easily changed to your taste. Take a glass of washed berries of cranberries, crush them in a mortar or blender. The resulting juice is filtered, poured into a jar with a dense lid and cleaned into the refrigerator. Squeezed berries pour a liter of water and boil 5-7 minutes, then cool and also filter. We connect the resulting broth with the cooled juice and add a couple of spoons of honey.

To the beneficial properties of cranberry mors can be attributed a powerful bactericidal action, so necessary for the body in viral diseases. And yet it is full of vitamin P, relieving headaches and giving a strong sleep.

Lingonberry tone

Recipe for cranberry fruit drinks also do not require much effort. We need 300 g frozen berries cranberries, we shall wash out and dry. Then you need to thoroughly crush the berries and to interpret them in a large glass jar, fill with sugar to taste and add a few mint leaves. Fill the resulting mixture 2 liter of boiling water, tightly close the lid and wrapped in a warm blanket on all night. The next day we will strain the drink and carefully squeeze the berries.

Useful properties cranberry fruit drinks are combined antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. Incidentally, in the old days this drink treated airway disease.

Sea buckthorn vitamins

The next representative of therapeutic drinks is sea buckthorn berries, the useful properties of which surpass many others. Thanks to the vitamins of group B, a whole set of amino acids and useful oils of sea buckthorn is an effective tool for beriberi. In addition, it is a bactericidal, wound healing and antiseptic medicine "in one bottle". Therefore, the recipe for making sea-buckthorn berries can be safely used for colds. The berries of sea-buckthorn (2) are washed and let them dry. Then transfer them to the bowl of the blender, pour 500 ml of water, add 2 st. L. Honey and turn everything into a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture is passed through gauze and poured into glasses.

Viburnum immunity

What is useful for Morse from Kalina, it is not difficult to guess. Jam from this wonderful berry for the treatment of cold used by our grandmothers. In addition, viburnum is the strongest natural immunostimulant. Infusion of these berries is useful in angina and pneumonia. So the recipe for preparing Morse from the viburnum is useful for both prevention and treatment. In the beginning, as usual, we will wash and dry 400 g of Viburnum berries. We wipe them through a sieve, and the resulting berry mass is transferred to a pan, add 500 ml of water and add 300 g of sugar. We keep the mixture on low heat, and as soon as it boils, we remove it from the plate. Again, we filter the prepared mors through a sieve and pour into the jar.

Rosehip protection

For this recipe a delicious fruit drink is perfect rose. We add to it sour apples, and you get a shock vitamin cocktail. rosehip berries (1 article.) washed apples (4 pcs.) cut into medium-sized pieces with the skin. Fill this mixture 2 liters of cold water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Withstands broth 5 minutes, then remove from heat and filter. The hot beverage add honey to taste, a little lemon peel and orange juice.

Useful properties of rosehip Morse obvious to anyone familiar with this berry. Concentrated Vitamin C makes it a strong fortifying agent that increases soprovotivlyaemost to diseases. And a decoction of rose hips relieves sore throat and soften the cough.

Raspberry antipyretic

Raspberry - another powerful berry cough that keeps all useful qualities even under strong heat treatment. A useful recipe because Morse with her participation will be most effective. Malin (200 d) iterate and carefully wash under cold water. In a small saucepan, boil water (1 l), go to sleep in her berries and reduce fire. Boil raspberries for 10 minutes, after which we filter and squeeze the juice berries. Pour raspberry juice to the finished juice, add a couple tablespoons of honey to taste and stir until completely dissolved.

Raspberry is known for a strong diaphoretic effect and the ability to "shoot down" the heat. It perfectly helps alleviate cold symptoms at any stage of the disease.

Stock up on healthy and tasty fruit drinks recipes and share your own proven tools. And let all this knowledge be useful to you only for the purpose of prevention. Be healthy! 

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