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7 low-calorie breakfast

Breakfast - a sacred thing. At least, for those who care about the health and safety of perfect forms. And to start the day was easy and fun, you need to consider in advance the morning menu. Recipes tasty and proper breakfast with an energy value of up to 300 calories - in this article.

   Bread and Citruses

Bread, as you know, is the head of everything. And there is no reason to deprive yourself of this valuable product. Moreover, many nutritionists strongly recommend including bran bread in the daily diet. It contains fewer calories than usual, but in terms of the number of nutrients it significantly exceeds it. You can spread the bran bun with butter and add one boiled egg to it - the basis of a healthy breakfast is ready. To balance its composition, take a half of grapefruit or orange and a handful of fresh berries. You can finish your meal with a cup of black coffee without sugar or unsweetened tea with lemon.

Cereals and fruits

Oatmeal porridge - a dish created for breakfast. High energy value, essential amino acids, healthy dietary fiber, vitamins B and E, potassium and magnesium are just what the body needs early in the morning. To maximize the benefits, it is better to cook oatmeal in water with the addition of a small piece of butter, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of honey. You can sweeten the porridge with raisins, dried apricots, apples or other fruits. It is not forbidden to eat a small banana with her. Classic oatmeal can be replaced by more practical muesli. It is enough to pour them with boiling water or hot milk with a mass fraction of fat not exceeding 2,5% and let it brew for several minutes. The morning portion should not exceed 50 g (about 150 calories). As a good supplement, you can eat one small apple or banana. Coffee or tea without sugar will be a great end to the meal here.

Curd variations

For fans of dairy products the most desirable breakfast dish is cottage cheese. This excellent dietary product is rich in balanced proteins, calcium salts and methionine - a valuable amino acid that prevents the deposition of fat in the liver. For healthy breakfasts, natural cottage cheese with a fat content of no more than 5% is best suited. You can add half a shredded cucumber, a spoonful of sour cream and a bit of fresh greens. And sweethearts can treat themselves to a low-fat cottage cheese with slices of dried fruit, fresh berries and a teaspoon of honey. Do not forget that cottage cheese does not fit well with coffee, so it is better to replace it with black tea with lemon. 

Eggs and vegetables

Chicken eggs are another wonderful product that is recommended for use in the morning. They are absorbed by the body by 95%, but because all the nutrients come exactly at the address. In addition, the yolk is the champion in the content of choline, due to which the metabolism of fats is normalized and the excess weight gradually disappears. You can make a delicious omelet from one or two eggs with the addition of low-fat milk. The omelette is in good harmony with a fresh tomato and several slices of zucchini, slightly fried in a pan. As a small healthy snack, take the dried toast from bran bread, spread it with a thin layer of feta cheese and garnish with thin slices of cucumber. Toward the curtain, you can drink a cup of black tea with a little sugar.

Rice and cabbage

Boiled rice is the best dish for a diet and delicious breakfast. This cereal contains a large amount of useful fiber and complex carbohydrates, so it gently envelops the gastric mucosa, permanently saturates the body and charges it with energy. In addition, rice contains a minimum of salt and is recommended for people who are overweight. And rice is ideally combined with almost all known products. A successful couple will be broccoli, colored or Brussels sprouts. You can cook a vegetable assortment of the same cabbage with the addition of cooked carrots, asparagus and canned corn. A cup of fragrant tea with a spoon of honey and lemon will be very appropriate to look at the completion of a rice breakfast.

Meat and salad

A meat breakfast can also be helpful, especially if you include veal. This is an excellent dietary meat - only 130 calories per 100 g. It contains less cholesterol than lamb or beef. In addition, it is saturated with extractive substances that contribute to the production of digestive juice. A small piece of veal weighing 100-150 g, boiled in salted water, will be quite enough. As a side dish, you can prepare a salad of fresh vegetables with the addition of onions, herbs and vegetable oil. Weak black tea or fresh broth of wild rose with a spoon of flower honey can be afford at the very end.

Fish and fresh herbs

Low-fat fish also have a place in the healthy breakfast menu. It is best to choose marine varieties such as cod, pollock, haddock, tuna, etc. They contain very little cholesterol, but the vitamins of group B, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iodine - abound. It is easier and more useful to cook boiled fish, pour lemon juice and sprinkle with fresh dill. You can supplement it with spinach, lettuce leaves or sorrel, as well as fresh fleshy tomatoes with green peas or small boiled potatoes. In this case, do not load the body with rich drinks - a cup of black tea with lemon will be enough.

Prepare breakfast for our recipes, create and share their own menu options. And most importantly, do not forget to eat breakfast every day, do it with benefit and pleasure.

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