I threw the package of gelatin! Now I use the tool much better ...

A jelly, jelly, jelly, jujube, jam - that's an incomplete list of dishes that are prepared with the help of a variety of gelling agents. Many mistresses for years use Gelatine of animal origin, Without even knowing that you can achieve a better gelling effect, using herbal substances! Our editors will tell, Than to replace gelatin.

  • PectinPectin is a gluing agent that is extracted from apples, citrus peels, sunflower baskets and sugar beet pulp. At home, you can prepare a fruit jam or jam with the addition of pectin.

    To do this, mix a small amount of sugar with pectin (5 g pectin for 1 kg of fruit) and add the mixture to a boiling jam. At the end of the cooking in the jam, you need to add a little citric acid. Pectin begins to act, like gelatin, after complete coolingЧем заменить желатин в домашних условиях

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