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Tea tradition: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Friendly gatherings over a cup of delicious tea - a good excuse to gather around one table to close people. It is a kind of ritual, tradition, which evolved over the centuries. Many of them have come down to us in its original form.

Tea Heritage

The main symbol of the tea traditions in Russia has been and remains a samovar. Although in fact it is an overseas invention with deep roots. Similar devices have been known in China and Japan since ancient times. But it is our Tula craftsmen have turned this ugly machine to boil water in a piece of art. But the woman in the kettle - primordially Russian invention. Cheeked young lady in colorful skirts lush used as a hot-water bottle: it was covered with a samovar, while making tea.

Another famous tea symbol of Russia is a cup holder. The first wooden copies appeared in the XVII century. They played the role of a practical and fashionable accessory. In the 19th century graceful silver glass-holders with a skillful decor were considered a special chic. And in the XX century, this attribute was made of metal, decorating it with Soviet symbolism.  

What does water hide

True connoisseurs of tea today and try to choose to drink the best of everything: the right pots for brewing and boiling, refined beautiful crockery and cutlery, high-quality drinking water.

The latter has the most problems. It is no secret that in the water that flows from our taps, it is possible to detect not only chlorine, but also lead, copper, rust, and many other impurities from water pipes. 

It should also be borne in mind that hard water - water with a high content of calcium carbonate - has a detrimental effect on the kettle itself. The higher the content of special ions and the stronger the heating temperature, the faster the scale forms. This kills the taste of the tea, and also leads to unnecessary waste. It has been proven that a layer of limescale with a thickness of only 1 mm increases energy consumption by 3%. Not to mention the fact that its excess leads to rapid deterioration of the heating elements in the kettle.

Clean work

The easiest and most reliable way to deal with the problem is with BRITA filters. The technologies used in them make it possible to purify water from substances that form scale. This means that your favorite kettle will last much longer. The result of BRITA filters is visible to the naked eye. The water purified in them is crystal clear and transparent. To feel this, it is enough to take just one sip. A pleasant mild refreshing taste will be the best proof. That is why tea prepared on the basis of such water reveals the beneficial properties to the maximum, it turns out to be so aromatic and unusually tasty.

Another undoubted plus of BRITA filters is their functionality and the ability to choose the appropriate configuration. You can use practical filter jugs or integrate a cleaning system under the sink. By the way, special complex solutions are also available for dummies. In any case, the result will exceed all your expectations, and BRITA filters will delight you for many years.  

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