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What to put in tartlets: 10 simple ideas for every taste. Festive table in the best restaurant!

The holiday is on the threshold, and the table wants to put something tasty, unusual and quick. Ready tartlets with various fillings - an ideal option. After put into this basket can be anything! But, as luck would have it, at the right time all the recipes just fly out of my head ...

"So simple!" I tried and prepared a cheat sheet for you to tasty fillings for tartletsThat you can save and open when the house is preparing for the holiday.

Simple filling for tartlets

  • Curd cheese with herbs100 g cottage cheese + + garlic clove 1 / 2 Art. chopped dill. Garlic is passed through the press, mix with cheese and herbs. Ready tartlets decorate green or stripes pepper.tartlets with curd cheese
  • Egg pie5 2 yolks + Art. l. chopped green + 1 Art. l. cottage cheese + 1 Art. l. mayonnaise + 1 hours. l. mustard. Yolks mash with a fork, mix with the remaining ingredients.tartlets with egg paste
  • Smoked fish with cucumber200 g mackerel (pink salmon), smoked + cucumber + 1 1 Art. l. mayonnaise + 1 hours. l. mustard. With the fish take off the skin and make out on fiber, cucumber we shall cut cubes. Mix all ingredients.smoked fish tartlets
  • Canned pineapple with cheese1 Art. grated hard cheese + 1 garlic clove + 4 1 ringlet pineapple + Art. l. mayonnaise. Pineapples shall cut into small cubes, garlic passed through the press. All the ingredients are mixed.tartlets with pineapple
  • Cream of Avocado+ Avocado 1 2 Art. l. lemon juice + 1 Art. l. olive oil + 2 Art. l. cottage cheese + greens basil. With avocado take off the peel, we shall cut the pulp and lemon fields. Together with the rest of the ingredients placed in a bowl of a blender and chop.tartlets with avocado
  • Salmon and cream cheeseG salted salmon 100 100 + g cottage cheese + greens + lemon. Salmon we shall cut into small cubes, cheese mixed with chopped herbs. At the bottom of each tartlet lay out the cheese mixture on top of a few pieces of fish. Decorate the composition of a thin slice of lemon.tartlets with salmon
  • Chicken with peppers300 g boiled chicken fillet + pepper + 1 1 2 cucumber + Art. l. mayonnaise. Chicken fillet and pepper we shall cut into small cubes. With cucumber peel and take off as we shall cut. Mayonnaise.chicken fillet tartlets
  • Cod liver with eggs1 jar of cod liver oil + boiled eggs 2 2 + small pickles + red onion + 1 2 Art. l. mayonnaise. Mash with a fork liver, eggs, onions and cucumbers we will cut as finely as possible. All the ingredients mix and mayonnaise.tartlets with a liver of a cod
  • With eggs and radishes5 1 eggs + radish + 2 sprigs of chives 2 + Art. l. mayonnaise. Boiled eggs chop, radishes solution, we shall cut onions finely, finely. All the mix, season with mayonnaise. Decorate the tartlets with thin slices of fresh cucumber.tartlets with eggs and radish
  • With mushrooms and cheese200 g mushrooms + 100 g hard cheese 100 + g + canned corn dill 1 + garlic clove. Mushrooms cut finely, fry in a small amount of vegetable oil, sodium cheese, greens and garlic crushed. Mix everything, fill with mayonnaise.tartlets with mushrooms and cheese
  • If you are confused by the presence of mayonnaise in the proposed fillings, you can cook a low-calorie sauce yourself. It is perfect for refilling celebratory salads! It will be delicious and healthy.

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