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For this fragrant dessert dough does not come in handy ... One trick and 15 minutes after you're done!

Traditional Austrian Apple strudel - My favorite dish, but it is now going to other desserts. An analogue of delicious sweet pastries can be done in 15 minutes, it is not bothered with the dough!

By analogy with this recipe you can prepare small rolls stuffed with cottage cheese and vanilla, with poppy filling with a mixture of berries, bananas, chocolate and nuts. But because I love apples, most often I choose the version presented in the recipe: cinnamon and nutmeg pieces of caramel apples very good ...

Meat loaf with apples


  • white bread for toast or thin pita
  • 120 g butter
  • apples
  • cinnamon and sugar


  • Gather the edges of the bread for toast thin or cut the pita bread into neat rectangles.
  • Giving a piece of white bread with a rolling pin to become flat.

    If you use a recipe for pita bread, did not even have to crush with a rolling pin - thin pita is an excellent substitute for thin dough in many recipes that I use. Very tasty toasted pita with egg and greens inside a folded letter envelopes!

  • apple roll

  • Mix sugar and cinnamon together, melt the butter. Slices of apples, filled with sugar syrup, put on pita bread or toast rolled out.
  • apple roll

  • Fold the neat roll with apple stuffing.
  • apple roll

  • Dip a roll in melted butter.
  • apple roll

  • Zapaniruy roll in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, you can also use ground nuts to the breading: it will give the dish incredible aroma!
  • apple roll

  • Place the rolls on a rolled foil. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  • apple roll

  • Bake simple apple strudel for 15 minutes.
  • apple roll

  • The finished dish is served hot, I especially like the combination of taste engorged cinnamon apples with cocoa! Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, melted chocolate - wonderful companions for this dessert.
  • apple roll

    This video will reveal to you all the mysteries of cooking delicious apple rolls! Appetizing - it is not the right word.

    I do not see any reason not to share this recipe with your friends! Extremely simple and qualitative idea for dessert ...

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