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Homemade liver pate! Bitterly I regret that did not know the recipe before ...

Following this recipe just will not rise hand to buy pie in a tin! After all, from which it is prepared, it is not known ... Liver pate at home, cooked with aromatic spices, onions and carrots, will become your signature snack!

Home liver pate


  • 1 kg of liver
  • 3 Bulb
  • 2 carrots
  • 100 g butter
  • dried spices: paprika, garlic, coriander, celery root, parsnip root, basil, dried herbs, mustard, savory, bay leaf


  • For this magnificent pate any liver can be suitable: pork, beef, chicken. Prepare all the necessary ingredients, clean the liver of veins and cut into small pieces. Place them in a small pan, fill with water and broth, taking off the foam with a noise.homemade liver pate
  • We shall cut onion rings, carrots grate.homemade pate recipe
  • Sauté vegetables in vegetable oil.homemade pate recipe
  • Ambassador carrots and onions, add the to cook homemade pate quickly and tasty
  • Add a soft liver to the vegetables, boil for some time a little, in the end, add the bay leaf.homemade pate video
  • Give the liver to cool slightly before proceeding to the preparation of paté. Vzbey 100 g soft butter using a mixer or corolla.homemade pate video
  • Skip liver with vegetables 2 times through a meat grinder, through the small grate.homemade pate video
  • Mix frayed liver with butter into a homogeneous consistency.cook homemade pate at home
  • Delicate snack is ready! It will taste better if you serve pie with fresh parsley -cook homemade pate at home
  • A detailed recipe for this awesome pate - in the video. Culinary process just seems tedious, in fact, cook pate It is not difficult. The thing is definitely worth the effort, so tasty and high quality snacks can not buy in the store!

    So wonderful recipe pate is rarely seen! Be sure to tell her friends about it, I can not even imagine their joy ...

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