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Gadgets - advanced helpers in your kitchen

In the arsenal of every modern housewife has a whole army of kitchen gadgets ready to play the role of Cinderella at any time. There are little helpers among highly entertaining instances.

Accuracy - courtesy of chefs

Universal unit of anything within the kitchen is often the measure by eye.

However, in the case of spaghetti, intuitive counting does not always work. A practical solution to the problem was proposed by American designers who developed a meter for spaghetti. One of its modifications is a disc with an adjustable hole and a special lever. It is enough to set the required number of servings using a special scale and place the number of dry spaghetti in the formed hole. There are also highly artistic varieties of this gadget in the form of ornate flat shapes with special round holes, each of which corresponds to a different number of servings. You just need to measure with their help spaghetti and cook a delicious pasta, making the guests happy in equal beautiful portions. Batter Tamer

test dispenserAn empty plastic bottle will always find a worthy use in the kitchen. For example, for making delicious pancakes. It is much more practical to use a dispenser - a special dispenser for liquid dough. A tall vessel made of transparent plastic with a scale is equipped with a comfortable handle aligned with a lever. When you press it at the bottom of the dispenser, the shutter opens, and the dough is poured from a small hole in a thin stream, straight into a frying pan or into a baking dish. From above, the vessel is tightly closed with a silicone lid, so that nothing unnecessary gets inside inadvertently. With such a gadget, it is very convenient to adjust the thickness of the pancakes, and also to cook ruddy pancakes, muffins, cookies and other homemade goodies.

The printer is the confectioner's best friend

Think a printer doesn't belong in the kitchen? Married couple Liz and Kyle von Hassel from California will disagree with you. They developed an unusual 3D printing technology, with the help of which they obtained volumetric decorations from sugar glaze. They were inspired to create this highly technical confectionery creation by the birthday of a mutual friend. The usual oven for baking a holiday cake was not at hand, so I had to improvise. Three-dimensional sweets are obtained from thin sugar threads soaked in an alcohol solution. The spouses-inventors are already successfully cooperating with several pastry chefs and are thinking about mass production of the printer. Meanwhile, indefatigable minds at MIT are struggling to create a 3D printer that will print whatever food you want. The working name of the new generation self-assembled tablecloth is "Cornucopia". 

Cooking eggs effortlessly

egg cooker Housewives who improve their home baking skills will surely be happy to get an egg separator. With a gentle movement of the hand, these simple devices will allow you to separate the protein from the yolk. Most often, these are circles made in the form of good-natured creatures, into which a raw egg pours, after which a clean yolk smoothly slips out of their mouths stretched out into a smile.

Another gadget will help instill in babies a love of eggs once and for all. It is enough to take special silicone molds in the guise of funny animals, gently break raw eggs in them, close them tightly and cook according to the usual scheme. Pretty bunnies, cats and fish will be eaten in a few minutes. Sometimes, helping with egg handling will not hurt some adults either. The silicone mold with several cells and a comfortable handle will help keep the shell intact during cooking and feed the whole family with eggs at once. And if the art of determining the degree of readiness of eggs remains an impossible mission - a smart electric egg cooker to help. 

Melee weapons in action

watermelon cutter To become the most relevant gadget of the season has every chance of watermelon cutting. Her device is simple and ingenious. Inside a round plastic base with two convenient handles, there are 12 flat sharp blades that converge to the center and join around another cylinder-shaped blade. First you need to cut off the watermelon hats, place it on a large dish and put a round base with blades on it. We squeeze it through the fruit from top to bottom - and after a couple of seconds on the dish neat slices of watermelon flaunt with a seductive sugar core in the center.

Sweet lovers will appreciate all the practicality of a special knife-blades for cakes. Invented its Finnish student Maria Kivijärvi, thereby greatly facilitated the work on the butchering cakes on smooth pieces. Figured spatula has a special triangular sector to cut, gradually turning into a springy handle. Slightly squeezing it, you can easily move carefully cut a slice of cake on the plate without damaging its cream-colored décor.

Cutting Board: Reboot

board knifeAs you know, there is no limit to perfection, which means that nothing stands in the way of improving an ordinary cutting board. A pair of 45-degree grooves around the edges of a regular wooden board will solve the problem of recalcitrant potatoes flying past a pot of soup. A tall board with a special tray will help to collect excess liquid when cutting raw meat. And wooden boards of various shapes with small indentations and the same transverse cuts will turn a baguette or round bun into perfect slices of bread and make them equally perfect sandwiches. And for those who appreciate design and every inch of kitchen space, high-strength tempered glass cutting boards are suitable, which can be easily combined with the sink.   

Any of these gadgets may well replenish your personal collection. After all, sometimes it is so nice to bring a bit of convenience and originality into the routine chores. 

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