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Very soon it will be removed from the home storerooms sweet summer harvesting. Classic assortment of fruit jams can vary quite something original. And if not this year, then next - it is necessary. And that was plenty to choose from, offering you the best unusual jam.

The secret of pine cones

Ordinary pine cones from ancient times were revered in the Caucasus as a curative remedy for many ailments. How to make jam from cones, any experienced housewife knows here. Make it from young green fruits, soft to the touch, the length of 1-3, see. And the recipe for making jam from cones is practically the same as any other. We need a half-liter can of the smallest pine cones, which we fill with cold water and boil 15-20 minutes. It is important that they soften, but not boil. Meanwhile, we are preparing syrup from 1 kg of sugar and 2 st. water and transfer into it boiled cones. We keep the jam on the fire for another 15-20 minutes, and then we pour it over the sterilized jars. Such a sweet drug will supplement your collection of recipes for unusual jam, and at the same time help to cure any colds faster.

Rowan Vitamin Strength

Mountain ash is best collected after the first frost, then rinse and dry well

Rowan is widely used in folk medicine for beriberi, rheumatism and as a general restorative. Most often, curative decoctions are being prepared from her, but how to make jam from mountain ash is not known to everyone. Rowan is best collected after the first frost, then rinse and dry well. Then fresh berries (1 kg) should be transferred to a faience or enamel ware, pour boiling water over 15-20 minutes and recline on a sieve. While rowan is insisted, we cook not very thick syrup from 8 st. sugar and 3 art. water. Pour the steamed berries into it and cook on medium heat until it is ready, not forgetting to remove the foam. At the very end, we add large-crushed walnut kernels. If desired, this recipe for jam from rowan can be supplemented with other berries or spices.

Waltz of flowers in a jar

Flower jam is not only an unusual dessert, but also a very useful cold remedy

Lilac is not only a fragrant bush, but also an excellent ingredient for a delicious and original dessert. How to make jam from lilac? Very simple. Collect 500 g of lilac flowers, 2 / 3 of them rinse and pour cold water. Boil this mixture 10 minutes with the juice of half a lemon. Infuse the fragrant broth under the lid 20 minutes, gently decant, then pour 500 g of sugar and cook the syrup. The rest of the flowers are ground with a small amount of sugar and lemon juice. The resulting mass is introduced into the syrup with flowers and cook for another 20 minutes from the moment of boiling. We finish the recipe of preparation of jam from a lilac as well as any another - we pour on banks. Lilac is famous for its antipyretic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. So in the period of viral diseases such jam will be very helpful.

Jam for the most patient

Making nut jam is a time consuming process, but the result is worth the effort.

Most often we prefer to eat walnuts in their pure form. And how to make jam with a walnut for the majority is a mystery. To start, young green nuts (100 pcs.) Are cleaned from the top layer of green peel and for two days soaked in water, periodically changing it. To remove bitterness, fill them with a lime mortar (5 l water on 500 g hydrated lime) for 6 hours, then rinse thoroughly. Then pierce the nuts in several places and send it back to cold water for two days. And only then you can start cooking. Nuts are kept in boiling water 10 minutes and thrown back on a sieve. Simultaneously cook a thick syrup of 2 kg of sugar and 2 st. water, put nuts in it, add a few flowers of dried cloves and juice of one lemon. We bring the mass to a boil, remove it from the heat and cool it. The procedure is repeated three times, and then we pour the jam over the jars. As you can see, the recipe for making jam with walnuts is very laborious, but the result is worth the effort.

According to the recipes of the wise Greeks

Tasty unusual grape jam will surely surprise your household and friends

Delicious unusual jam from grapes will surely surprise your household and friends. This recipe was long ago invented by Greek winemakers, just in time for the autumn harvest. Cut off the grapes from the brushes and remove the pedicels - the berries should be about 2 kg. Thoroughly rinse them, fall asleep 1 kg of sugar and pour 1 st. water. We pour the mixture into a deep saucepan and put it on a big fire. As soon as it boils, reduce the flame and cook for an hour, stirring occasionally. For 15-20 minutes before the completion of the preparation, add the juice of one lemon, a little vanilla and 4 a leaf of fragrant geranium. Transfer the prepared jam into a separate bowl and cool for half an hour. After that, you can extract the leaves of geranium and add 200 g of ground roasted almonds. Before you roll the jam into jars, it is necessary that it is completely cooled.

Jam made of unusual products - a great way to give vent to culinary imagination and try to cook something new and unexpected. And what the original recipes are known to you?

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