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In summer, the body satiated for happiness do not need so much. Heat muffles appetite, and he is ready to settle for a simple meal burdensome. Therefore, there is reason to ease the daily menu, and the first thing to decide what to replace bread in the diet.

Bread Tricks

With all the positive qualities of the bread has one very negative property - to spoil our beautiful forms. How to replace bread while losing weight? Bread from rye or whole wheat flour. The first is the lowest calorie variety, contains a lot of amino acids and polyunsaturated fats. The second is rich in fiber, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. The list can be supplemented with unleavened and bran bread, Armenian lavash, biscuits and diet bread. The main thing is that they do not have flour, starch and artificial additives. 

An interesting substitute for bread, cakes become of chickpeas. Boil 1 cup chickpeas, fill it with a mixture of water glass and 1 1 eggs pyuriruem thoroughly in a blender. Add salt to taste, chopped dill, the resulting mass lay out on a baking sheet with a thin layer and bake until golden brown. When the cake has cooled, cut it into pieces. This meal will love children and adults, especially if you supplement it with interesting fillings.

Fresh look at the sandwich

Such culinary impromptu will approve even the biggest picks

Almost everyone loves sandwiches. And if someone from the household is on a diet, this is not a reason to refuse them. Just find something to replace the bread in your sandwich with. The healthiest alternative is lettuce, like lettuce or iceberg. We grate 200 g of any cheese, mix it with a bunch of chopped parsley, season with 2 tbsp. l. sour cream, salt and pepper. We put the filling on the lettuce leaf and roll up the roll. Bell pepper can be a good substitute for bread. Take two large, wide slices of pepper and place in between circles of toasted courgette and fresh tomato, a slice of cheese and spinach - a great summer sandwich is ready. Curious variations come from eggplant. Cut the large eggplant into thick circles, fry on both sides and place a filling of 100 g of cheese, 1 tomato, cut into circles and grated carrots between them. Such culinary impromptu will approve even the biggest fussy.   

The secret of juicy cutlets

Such a dish can be offered even to the smallest gourmets, because turkey pork is extremely useful for children

The bread gives the cutlets a special juiciness and softness. But healthier ingredients can be used for this purpose. How to replace bread in cutlets? The simplest solution is grated potatoes, raw for meat patties and boiled for fish ones. Fresh zucchini and cabbage will also add juiciness to the cutlets. For more satisfying variations, you can choose flour, starch, rice, pearl barley and barley, and even oatmeal. Turkey cutlets are a delicious dietary dish for a light summer menu. Mix 500 g minced meat with grated onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp. l. rolled oats, salt and pepper. We carefully beat the minced meat with our hands so that it is saturated with oxygen and becomes softer. Next, form the cutlets and fry them until golden brown. Such a dish can be offered even to the smallest gourmets, because turkey meat is extremely useful for children.

Rice for slimness

To facilitate the menu, it is enough to replace the bread with rice, only necessarily unpolished

Rice instead of bread is one of the important principles of healthy eating. A good example of this is the slender and smart Japanese, who absorb rice with kilograms. To facilitate the menu, it is enough to replace the bread with rice, only necessarily unpolished. It retains a hard shell, where the lion's share of trace elements and fiber is hidden. Especially popular is brown rice, approved by many nutritionists. True, it is cooked twice as long as white, it turns out to be harsh, and its life is much shorter. However, these drawbacks - an acceptable fee for a rich bouquet of useful properties. Soak 1 glass of rice at night, pour out the swollen seeds in boiling water in the morning, cook 30-35 minutes. We wrap the pan with a towel, let the rice get to the required condition for another 10 minutes and pour in the vegetable oil to taste. We supplement the bowl with rice slices of apple and pear, we savor with lemon juice and honey - a healthy hearty breakfast is ready.

Right pasta

To make the paste healthier, choose light vegetable sauces

Oddly enough, but pasta also helps to lose weight. This truth is confirmed by Italians, who are unable to stay without pasta and at the same time do not add a single gram of weight. But this is only possible if the pasta is made from durum wheat. It contains a lot of protein with gluten and is practically free of starch. Thanks to the correct grinding of flour and special processing, the pasta acquires that very ideal springy al dente structure. And it is also saturated with slow carbohydrates, which saturate the body for a long time and do not add centimeters at the waist. For a healthier pasta, choose light vegetable sauces. Fry grated onions and carrots in oil, add 3 diced bell peppers and eggplant. Add grated zucchini and peeled tomato to the vegetables. Salt and pepper the sauce, simmer for 30 minutes over medium heat and serve with pasta. By the way, as an independent snack, he will also go with a bang.

We hope our tips will be useful to you. And how do you replace bread in the diet?  

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