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The Magnificent Seven: products for a good mood

When outside reigns supreme gray landscape, and routine seizes more and more, and wants to become despondent. Fighting with him to any means, including tasty and healthy.

Therefore, it is time to talk about which foods cheer you up in the winter. Hit the liver

To adequately cope with their functions and not succumb to gloomy thoughts, the brain needs a lot of oxygen. To the destination, it is delivered with hemoglobin, which must periodically be enriched with iron. The ideal product in this respect is the pork or beef liver, rich not only with iron, but also with vitamins of group B. Without them, cognitive processes slow down, fatigue sets in, and then a bad mood. That's why the recipes for dishes for mood often include the liver. It can be put out in sour cream sauce, cook delicious cutlets or simply boil.

Have breakfast in the mood

Oatmeal must be included in the diet as a breakfast that cheers up

Fiber plus magnesium is the proven formula against the winter spleen. One of its best embodiments is oatmeal, which must be added to the list of antidepressant products. Fiber helps normalize blood sugar, which is important for good mood and well-being. In addition, it perfectly satiates the body, not allowing you to overeat and experience a depressing burden in the stomach. Magnesium nourishes the heart and brain, helping to overcome irritability, sudden bouts of anxiety and unreasonable longing. Eat oatmeal in the morning, adding honey, dried fruits or berries to it.

Charged with fish positive

Eating salmon regularly helps lower cortisol, known as stress hormone, in the body.

What products increase the mood, but at the same time help to overcome stress? Fatty varieties of fish and seafood, with skill will answer many physicians. Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of salmon helps lower the level of cortisol known in the body as a stress hormone. Its excess is the cause of the development of depression, and still significantly adds extra kilograms. Incorrigible melancholic doctors also recommend eating shrimp. They clean the vessels of excess cholesterol, providing intensive blood supply to the brain, which has a beneficial effect on the emotional state.

Stretch the pleasure

Fondue is a delicious way to cheer yourself up

Good news for those who like cheese. It, without doubt, can be written down in products for good mood. The main striking force is made up of valuable amino acids: tyramine, triktamine and phenylethylamine. They effectively calm the nervous system and nourish its cells with useful substances. For recovery, any varieties are suitable, but it is best to take a cheese assortment and prepare fondue. Grate cheese on a grater (according to 200 g), add 200 ml of dry white wine, pour in 4 st. l. flour fried in oil flour and spices. The resulting mass is heated and brought to a homogeneous consistency. Now it can dunk pieces of dried bread or vegetables.

Rejoice in the little things

Almonds abound with vitamin E, riboflavin, zinc and magnesium

Nuts and dried fruits must be present in our diet in winter. After all, these products, which increase mood and efficiency, enrich the body with a mass of useful elements. Dried fruits are recognized champions in the content of potassium, magnesium and iron, necessary for the full operation of the cardiovascular system. Almonds abound with vitamin E, riboflavin, zinc and magnesium. This healing cocktail stimulates the production of serotonin, popularly called a hormone of happiness. Minus for such products is only one - high caloric value. Therefore, the daily norm of dried fruits should be limited to 30-50 g, and nuts - 20-25

Refresh with fruit

Number one antidepressant deservedly is banana

Mood-enhancing foods cannot be imagined without fresh fruit. Banana is the number one antidepressant. It is rich in tryptophan, thanks to which the aging process of cells slows down and the coveted serotonin is released. Banana contains a lot of natural sugars, which energize us with fresh strength and vigor. Another curious element in the composition of this fruit is the alkoloid harman, which gives a feeling of euphoria. Do not forget about citrus fruits, which not only improve mood, but also strengthen health. So, tangerines actively fight viruses and bring down the temperature, and grapefruit improves heart condition and stimulates metabolism.

Inspired by Chocolate

Chocolate improves performance and helps fight free radicals, which also cause stress and poor mood.

Among the main winter delicacies, bitter chocolate occupies a special place. Its secret lies in theobromine - a special tonic substance contained in cocoa beans. The greater their number in the chocolate bar, the stronger the antidepressant effect. That is why white and milk chocolate is not as useful as bitter or dark. Among other things, chocolate improves performance and helps fight free radicals, which also cause stress and bad mood. However, to get involved in this delicacy is not recommended - chocolate 30 g per day is quite enough.    

Take note of this list of products that enhance mood, and then the winter depression does not dare to approach you. And if you know how to supplement our rating, share your recommendations in the comments. 

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