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Menu for genius: favorite dishes of famous people

The nature of genius, probably will remain for us a mystery. However, nothing prevents us to cultivate their own natural talents. And in order to speed up the process, it is possible to adopt the eating habits of the great creators.


Minestrone Leonardo

Leonardo's unforgettable Renaissance genius in food was unpretentious, preferring vegetarian food. That is why his diet often consisted of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, carrots and parmesan - products that stimulate the brain. Da Vinci's favorite dish was minestrone vegetable soup, to which, oddly enough, he became addicted in early childhood. 

The classic Florentine minestrone has solid vegetables and is thick and satisfying at the same time. First, boil 1,5 cups of dry white beans in salted water for two hours. Take out half of the beans, strain them through a sieve and return to the pot. Pour the sunflower oil into another saucepan and lightly fry the garlic-onion mixture in it. Then we dilute with 2 tbsp. l. Pour tomato paste in a little water into a saucepan. We also send shredded vegetables here in turn: a head of cabbage, carrots, a couple of zucchini and leeks. Lastly, we introduce half a glass of rice or short durum wheat pasta. The finishing touch is a spicy blend of basil, rosemary, mint and salt. Minestrone is cooked for no longer than half an hour over low heat, after which it is immediately served.


Poetic potatoes from Pushkin

The Sun of Russian poetry gave himself gastronomic pleasures without reserve. However, Pushkin gourmet recorded in no hurry, preferring without false modesty to eat for a long time and in a big way. Many friends called the poet's terrible glutton. Once, hungry on the way, Alexander desired to buy a couple dozen peaches, which were immediately destroyed at one stroke. After that, the same fate befell a half-dozen pickled apples.

Pushkin's taste preferences were entirely given to the Russian country kitchen. His favorite dishes were thick soup and green soup with boiled eggs, chopped cutlets with sorrel and spinach, peasant porridges, botvina with sturgeon, and crumbly pancakes made with beetroot. But especially the poet's soul froze at the sight of baked potatoes, which he could enjoy with pleasure several times a day. We cooked it according to a special recipe: together with the peel, they poured into a large salt and baked in a Russian stove, buried in ashes deeper. For dessert Alexander Sergeyevich liked to indulge in jam from white gooseberry.

baked potato

Sweet inspiration Gogol

But Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, although he sang with praise the unrequited Rus-troika, gravitated toward Italian cuisine. After living a few years in Rome, he was forever captivated by the flavors and flavors of local cuisine. Most of all, the writer loved traditional pasta. As usual, he cooked it with his own hand, adding a fair amount of butter to pasta and covering it with a mountain of grated parmesan. And Gogol had a childlike sincere passion for various sweets. Therefore, in his pockets never translated candy, gingerbread and bagels, with which he continually regaled and treated friends. In the writer's house, wherever he was, there was always tea. And as if by magic to the cup of a hot fragrant drink always from somewhere appeared buns, pechenyushki and kalachi. Probably, sweets and gave the writer inspiration for writing his immortal creations.

Pasta with cheese


Whether folly Chesnochnoe

His Majesty the King of shocking Salvador Dali from childhood dreamed of becoming a chef - this he told in his memoirs. And the fact that his whole life he never learned to cook, did it not confused. Personal taste preferences eccentric artist expressed in the abstract formula: "I eat only that holds its shape. Everything else my mind rejects. " For these reasons, the list of products was hated spinach, "grass, like freedom, flabby and boneless." But the most favorite dish of the restless genius was garlic soup.

To begin with, we clean the head of garlic, not breaking it into denticles. In this form, wrap it in foil, pre-lubricated with olive oil. Bake garlic at a temperature of 180 degrees for half an hour. Then we pass it through the sugar extractor. Then fry in onion rings, add potatoes and fill everything with a pre-cooked vegetable broth. When the potatoes become soft, add the garlic pulp, pour into a pan of 100 ml of milk and whisk with a blender. Now put the saucepan on the fire again and add 200 ml of cream, stirring constantly, but not bringing to a boil. The best addition to this soup will be garlic toast.

garlic soup


Agatha aka Gargantua

The queen of the detective genre, Agatha Christie, was distinguished not only by her outstanding talent, but also by her indomitable appetite. If she had a chance to participate in any gastronomic competition, she would have won the first prize without a doubt. As the writer admits, being a little girl, she competed in "digestive prowess" on a par with adults. Young Agatha, together with one of the guests, could deal with a roast turkey, a couple of pieces of beef fillet, tamping them with a complex dessert of plum pudding, sweet pie, cookies and a hearty portion of fruit. The rest of the evening was devoted to chocolates and sweets, which they barely had time to fill the vases on the living room table. Christie's most favorite treat was cream, which she ate in mind-boggling quantities, even at an advanced age. It is surprising that with all this, the writer never experienced stomach problems and remained invariably a slender and attractive woman.

cream cake

For certain, something from the offered dishes will be to your taste, and you, especially, will not be difficult to cook them. Who knows, perhaps, in them a piece of genius is really hidden. 

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