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Women's dreams: to passionate cocktails March 8

The beautiful ladies indulge in honor of the well-deserved holiday? Of course, the sweet alcoholic cocktails, palatable and not too harmful to the slim waist. We invite you to try the most popular cocktails in the March 8.

World cocktail

Cosmopolitan is a drink for real women of fashion. This truth the world has comprehended with the light hand of Hollywood. How to make a famous cocktail at home? Its main ingredient is the Cointreau liqueur. Although it is quite successfully replaced by "Triple Sek" or any other orange liqueur. Before cooking, we cool all the ingredients in advance, and cover the cocktail glass to the top with crushed ice. Then alternately pour into a shaker 50 ml vodka, 25 ml liqueur, 50 ml cranberry and 25 ml lemon juice, then vigorously beat the mixture. Pour out the ice from the glass, fill it with a cocktail and decorate with a lime or lemon wedge.

Tropical paradise

Delicate tropical cocktail easy to make at home

Gentle sweet "Pina Colada" - the invariable favorite of alcoholic cocktails for girls. Prepare it at home and arrange an impromptu festive bachelorette party. We fall asleep in a blender handful of ice cubes, pour in 50 ml of light rum, 100 ml of pineapple juice and 50 ml of coconut liquor "Malibu". If you want, you can add a banana cut into slices. Then the cocktail will turn out more dense and sated. Whisk all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained and we pour it into a pre-cooled cocktail glass. Before serving, we decorate it with orange slices, pineapple and strawberry berries or cream.

Azure Dreams

Go to a tropical fairy tale will help the cocktail "Blue Lagoon"

Dreaming of the gentle rustle of the surf and velvety sandy coast? Go to the tropical fairy tale cocktail will help "Blue Lagoon". First, let's do lemonade. Cut off the peel of 3 lemons, pour 150 of sugar into it, pour 800 ml of boiling water over it and let it cool. Add the juice of squeezed lemons, leave it in the fridge for an hour, and then carefully filter. If there is no time, lemonade can be replaced with a mixture of 30 ml of lemon juice and 120 ml of high-quality soda. Fill a tall glass to the very edges with ice cubes. Next, pour into it 45 ml of vodka, 20 ml of Blue Curacao liqueur and 150 ml of prepared lemonade. 

Strawberry Weasel

Before serving, wet the edges of the glasses and dip them in icing sugar, then fill it with a chilled cocktail

Another cocktail ladies hit - the famous "Margarita". The combination of stunning tequila and refreshing citruses is really cute to a woman's heart. In addition, to prepare such a cocktail at home is quite simple. Wash under cold water 30 g of fresh strawberries, rid it of stalks and put it in the bowl of the blender. Add to the berries 50 ml of tequila, 20 ml of Cointreau liqueur, 30 ml of lime or lemon juice and 2 – 3 Art. l crushed ice. Beat all the ingredients until a homogeneous drink. Before serving, we moisten the edges of the glasses and dip them in powdered sugar, then fill it with a chilled cocktail. 

Chocolate Perfection

Therefore, the recipes for sweet alcoholic cocktails with chocolate are especially tasty.

Chocolate, perhaps, the most tempting delicacy, before which almost no woman will stand. Therefore, recipes for sweet alcoholic cocktails with his participation are especially delicious. Melt on a water bath 50 g dark chocolate with a mass fraction of cocoa beans at least 75%. Add to it 40 ml of dark rum and lightly cool. At the bottom of the glass we put 2-3 thin rings of hot red pepper, we give them 3-4 drops of lime juice and gently break the top 2 quail eggs. Carefully, without stirring, pour them chocolate-rum mixture. Serve this cocktail is recommended with a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Fragrance Magic

Sweet tart taste and sophisticated grassy aroma of martini are ideal for creating a variety of cocktail fantasies

Among alcoholic beverages, many ladies unconditionally prefer the classic "Martini" or vermouth. Its sweet tart taste and refined grassy aroma are ideal for creating a variety of cocktail fantasies. If you splash a little sparkling champagne to the martini, you get a particularly harmonious union. So, we mix in Martini Bianco’s 50 ml shaker, 60 ml of orange and pomegranate juice, 70 ml of cranberry juice and 100 ml of champagne. Glasses on the third filled with ice cubes and pour the finished cocktail. Before serving, decorate them with lemon slices. 

Fruit sunset

The classic daiquiri recipe includes only white rum, lime and ice

Another child of the hot tropics is the Daiquiri cocktail, named after the eponymous beach near Santiago. The classic recipe includes only white rum, lime and ice. However, today in many bars you can find banana, strawberry and coffee variations. This "Daiquiri" also deserved an honorable place among the recipes of light alcoholic cocktails. We offer you another curious improvisation. Put in the bowl of the blender 3-5 st. l. crushed ice, add 60 ml of white rum, 15 ml of passion fruit syrup, 30 ml of lime juice and whisk all the ingredients, then pour the cocktail into chilled glasses.

We hope that our cocktails will please you and will decorate the festive evening of March 8. And what delicious alcoholic cocktails for girls do you prefer? Share your favorite recipes in the comments. 

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