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Uneasy cocktails: tart taste of love

You cannot command a heart, but a brain is much easier to convince. Love elixirs in this case will be very helpful. They are prepared not from unknown magical components, but from quite familiar products, called aphrodisiacs. 

The secret of passion from museum workers

Among the strong aphrodisiacs, it is safe to classify fragrant spices from India, a country in which the art of love was comprehended in perfection. Perhaps it was the delightful aroma of spices that inspired the New York Sex Museum to create an original cocktail of passion. For its preparation we need two small pans. In one place two cinnamon sticks and fill them with 1 st. With a spoon of ground cinnamon, put 1 st. Spoon cardamom. Pour in two pans in 2 glass of water and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. Then let the broths steep for a while. Take two glasses, moisten their edges in the lime juice and immerse them in a saucer with honey to form a sweet border. At the bottom of each glass pour a little decoction of cinnamon, then decoction of cardamom, add a teaspoon of honey, soda to taste and fall asleep with crushed ice. For more acute sensations it is possible to splash a little rum or calvados. Serve with your favorite fruits.

It's all about eggs

Raw eggs in addition to a lot of advantages can boast an impressive supply of vitamins, useful for men's health. In ancient times, great-hearted smoothies supported tone with the help of dark beer and raw eggs. And the loving King Henry IV began every morning with a glass of cognac mixed with egg yolk. Today, instead of milking your beloved with raw eggs, you can treat him with an original cocktail. If there is no shaker at hand, the blender will always come to the rescue. We mix freshly squeezed lemon juice (20 ml), 1 a spoonful of sugar, egg white and gin (60 ml). If you want to complement the cocktail you can soda with crushed ice. Before serving, decorate the glass with mint leaves and lime slice.

Root of love power

Translated from the Chinese, ginger means "courageous", and it justifies its name to the full. Ginger root stimulates blood circulation, increases overall tone, has a stimulating effect on the female body and enhances the potency of the male. That is why cocktails with this magic root are able to awaken the feeling of love even in the most apathetic natures. To begin, knead a small piece of ginger in a bowl. Add to it 100 ml of cranberry juice, 30 ml of orange liqueur, a little bit of tequila and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. After that, we filter the finished cocktail so that there are no ginger pieces left in it and add crushed ice. We decorate a glass with a cocktail with berries of fresh raspberry and present it to the object of sighing.  

Banana Elixir of Passion

Banana - another noble aphrodisiac, multiplies male power and has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole. In addition, it is perfect for a variety of cocktails. We need a ripe banana and half a glass of natural yogurt. Strengthen this combination with another sweet aphrodisiac - honey, which will quickly help restore lost sexual energy. We transform all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass in a blender and pour the cocktail over the glasses. The tender sweetness of a banana is beautifully offset by the light sourness of blueberries. With these berries and decorate a glass with a cocktail.

Ardent Smoothie

Vanilla smoothie is a great love cocktail. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients for it. Take a few dry clove flowers, a couple of cinnamon sticks and heat them in 200 ml of milk, stirring constantly, but not boiling. We clean the vanilla pod from seeds and dip it into a spicy milk mixture. After a few minutes, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Strain the milk and pour into the blender. Here we also add pre-frozen vanilla yogurt (150 ml), half a banana and 1 h. Spoonful of honey. It remains to turn all the components into a homogeneous mass and pour into glasses. 

Strawberry Bliss for Lovely Ladies

Cavaliers, languishing unrequited feeling, will help to win the heart of unapproachable beauty strawberries - the true berry of love. In combination with a noble sparkling wine, it can work wonders. The inseparable duo of strawberries and champagne is not only a classic of the romantic menu, but also a sure way to increase the level of the female hormone estrogen. And there and close to love fever nearby. To begin, mix in a blender strawberry puree from 50, fresh berries. Add to it 25 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 a teaspoonful of honey and favorite champagne. Spill the cocktail in high glasses and decorate them with fresh strawberries. 

King of aphrodisiacs

The ability of chocolate to awaken unbridled passion is legendary. Not without reason the fatal conqueror of the hearts of the Marquise de Pompadour fed a special passion for hot chocolate. With the fact that this sweetness gives the body hormones of happiness, even doctors agree. So chocolate cocktails are really a powerful weapon of love affair. Among the variety of recipes is to choose a summer option. To begin with, we melt the bitter chocolate bar on a water bath. Add to it an equal proportion of dry Martini and spark a pinch of chili. Burnt pepper is perfectly combined with chocolate, besides it intensifies its exciting action. It remains to cool the cocktail, pour it over the glasses and decorate with cherry berries.

Cocktails with aphrodisiacs - a great way to invigorate the body, fill it with a winging feeling or revive the former passion and, of course, feel the rush of youth. 

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