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Quail eggs: the benefits and taste

For spotted quail eggs shells hiding a storehouse of vitamins and the whole periodic table - is no accident in the Egyptian papyrus and Chinese medical manual quail eggs were devoted entire treatises. Use of this product is recognized by modern medicine, and in Japan there is an indication to every citizen to eat two or three quail eggs on a daily basis among the twelve major laws of the country.

What is useful quail eggs?

In the quail eggs contained twice as many vitamins and trace elements are five times more than in eggs. The structure of this valuable protein product also includes amino acids, including glycine, enhances memory and has a calming effect on the nervous system. The use of quail eggs for men was proved by Bulgarian medics, claiming that to strengthen the potency of this product is more effective than the well-known Viagra.

Japanese scientists believe that quail eggs increase the performance of children in school - probably so in Japan, where the inhabitants of the daily diet is enriched with quail eggs at the legislative level, scientific and technological progress has reached a peak.

Quail eggs are shown in diabetes, as they softly lower blood sugar levels, and also remove radiation from the body, strengthen bones, hair, teeth and nails, purify the liver, kidneys, GIT, restore immunity and are hypoallergenic. The use of quail eggs is also undeniable for the female body, since the amino acid lysine, contained in the eggs, is involved in the synthesis of collagen, and tyrosine maintains a healthy skin color. Quail eggs normalize the hormonal background, reduce the manifestations of toxicosis during pregnancy and reduce the risk of premature birth. How useful is it to use quail eggs to get the most out of them vitamins and nutrients? This is a matter of taste for every person, although doctors advise taking them on an empty stomach in a raw form for better preservation of vitamins, but all this applies to adult nutrition - children are strictly forbidden to eat raw eggs.

How to eat quail eggs?

Quail eggs are used to make salads, cold and hot snacks, they can be served with a side dish for meat, fish and seafood

Quail egg dishes are very varied, nutritious and delicious. Hard-boiled eggs, in a bag, poached, soft-boiled, benedict, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, fritatta, pickled, stuffed and jellied eggs, eggnog - every housewife has a whole list of such dishes. Quail eggs are used to prepare salads, cold and hot appetizers; they can be served as a side dish for meat, fish and seafood. They go well with salad greens, pickles, corn, green peas and olives. Egg cutlets, pancakes, rolls with cheese and vegetables, tender soufflés, casseroles and puddings are made from quail eggs. It is interesting that up to five quails are “placed” in one chicken egg, and this fact should be taken into account when calculating products for baking confectionery.

Many are interested in how to cook and fry quail eggs, as this product for many Russians is still exotic. There are no special rules, how and how much to cook quail eggs, but due to small size cooking time is shortened - hard-boiled they cook for five minutes, and soft-boiled - for up to two minutes. If the eggs are digested, the protein will become rubbery, and the yolk will turn black. How many quail eggs are brewed in a pouch can be installed by experience, but usually it takes no more than three minutes. The most important rule of cooking eggs is not to put them into the water cold, otherwise they will burst during cooking. Eggs should lie down for at least half an hour after they get out of the refrigerator.

Quail eggs are tasty, satisfying and at the same time light in calories

Many people ask whether there are quail eggs every day - they are delicious! The use of quail eggs is obvious, and can cause damage to health, if you overdo it with the quantity, because the yolk contains cholesterol 3% and increases the flow of bile, causing the gallbladder contracts. For this reason, doctors do not recommend to use more than five eggs a day.

Quail eggs are called "ampoules excellent health", as they contain everything you need, what you need to man for normal health for every day. But most importantly - they are delicious, nutritious and at the same time light in calories, so the eggs of five eggs is digested easily and satisfy your hunger until the next meal.

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