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Czech tradition: meats, cooked on beer

Not all beer fans know that their favorite drink can also be used for ... food! There are hundreds of recipes in which different types of beer become one of the important ingredients. Chefs know that dark lagers with their signature bitterness are great for chops and steaks, while light lagers are a great solution for situations where poultry and light meat dishes need to be emphasized.

See for yourself, try the original Czech sausages with beer

Where did the tradition of using beer for cooking come from? It is impossible to say exactly. Almost every country where brewing was developed, had its own unusual recipes.

The Czech Republic made a special contribution to the development of beer culinary, which is not surprising - absolutely everyone knows about the quality of Czech beer. And in small villages and towns where the very same beer was brewed, real culinary masterpieces were created.

So, for example, we highly recommend trying a traditional chicken in a citrus-beer marinade, the recipe of which was born in the Czech village of Velke Popovice.

We did not forget Velke Popovitz for nothing. Beer there brew since the XVI century and it has borne fruit. Thanks to the skill of local brewers, a small village became famous all over the world!

Centuries of tradition were not in vain, beer became an integral part of village life. While the brewers were doing their work, the builders were expanding the brewery, the glassblowers were making bottles, and carpenters and blacksmiths were building the barrels. Lessons will suffice at all!

But the wives of the masters also did not want to stand aside and cheered their husbands with new and new beer treats. The best recipes were carefully stored and passed down from generation to generation. Many of them are known today.

One of these recipes from Velke Popovice is pork neck with rosemary in beer marinade

We picked up several such recipes, since all the ingredients can be bought in Russia. Now each of you can easily create the atmosphere of a picturesque European village and turn an ordinary dinner into a real Czech meal.

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