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Restaurant Food Embassy welcomes the new autumn menu

Friends, welcome to the restaurant Food Embassy! Meet the new autumn menu!

A team of restaurant chefs headed by chef Alexei Belikov worked on a series of new dishes on the menu. The menu now includes a section of dishes prepared according to recipes of the owner of the establishment, Yulia Vysotskaya, and the bar list includes several signature cocktails from chef-bartender Andrey Zastavnyuk.

 The pride of the restaurant is its own smokehouse. Chicken, fish and steaks in Food Embassy smoke and summer.

And from October you can try bacon smoked on cherry sawdust and duck breast, which in combination with fresh lettuce leaves, “petals” of zucchini, mango and peanut sauce is served as one of the new salads. 


If you do not eat meat, we recommend ordering a warm salad "Gam Tov!" (“Good too!” In Hebrew). It is based on black lentils, quinoa, baked bell peppers, eggplant puree and some hot Haris sauce. And as an accompaniment, one of the new Moscow - Tel Aviv cocktails, based on Israeli pomegranate, gin and homemade grenadine, is perfect. Asian-style crab cake, Dorada with cauliflower and Danish sauce, Hearty pie, goulash and Rabbit in the forest with baked Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkin and fennel and tarragon puree appeared in the hot section. New desserts are a real temptation for those with a sweet tooth. What a tempting pumpkin honey cake, Portuguese chocolate cake and pistachio cream donuts prepared according to the recipe of Julia Vysotskaya are worth a try! Other specialties of the famous actress and restaurateur can be found in the new section "Yulina's Kitchen".

Quotes from the menu:

Homemade lard smoked on cherry sawdust 270 RUB

Autumn salad with rabbit liver 420 rubles

Warm salad "Gam tov!" 420 rbl

Georgia new bean soup 420 RUB

Wild mushroom cream soup with cheese sticks 380 RUB

Ravioli with pumpkin 420 RUB

"Hearty" shepherd's pie 620 rubles

"Rabbit" in the forest 820 rubles

Pumpkin honey cake 390 RUB

Donuts with pistachio cream 390 RUB

Address: Prospect Mira, 26, 8 page (entrance from the alley Grokholsky)

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