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Summer, Brazil, football

In the next month the football fever will cover millions of fans, and their everyday life moves in sports bars and on the comfortable sofas in front of a TV.


The best way to make a match with your favorite team really interesting - a bottle of your favorite beer and a good snack, of course, with a Brazilian flavor.

Most of all, temperamental Brazilians love miniature chicken and seafood pies, stuffed vegetables, fish balls and a variety of canapes. Several valuable recipes can be borrowed from this entertaining menu.


For example, a hearty fried pies saltenyas. The dough is kneaded for them from 1,5 kg of flour, eggs 6, 220 g fat, 100 g sugar with the addition of red pepper and salt. A stuffing made from boiled chicken or any meat. Home subtlety - to infuse the meat in rich broth overnight. In the morning of the dough can be rolled tortillas, spread the filling, making sure to put inside the whole olive. Then lepim neat little cakes, grease them with egg and leave in a hot oven until golden brown.

Of particular concern will be in the summer stuffed eggplant. Each deep incision along and cook 15 minutes in very salty water. Then the "pockets" fill eggplant stuffed with fried pork, carrots, spicy tomato and spices. Then we do fill a pair of sharp tomato and olive oil and pour it on the bottom of the baking dish. This also spread our baklazhany.15 minutes in the oven will be enough for them to be extremely tasty.

Original snack for watching a football match will be fish bread. To make it you will need your favorite fish fillet (800 g), which we grind and mix with breadcrumbs (120 g), butter (100 g), a couple of tablespoons of baking powder, and chives, parsley, juice of two lemons , ground black pepper and salt. From the resulting mass, knead a homogeneous dough and put it in a heat-resistant form for baking, greased with butter. Bread will be baked at a temperature of 220 degrees for 35 minutes. This appetizer is best combined with a glass of white wine.  

A decent alternative to fried sausages will be branded Brazilian bacon, especially since it is easy and pleasant to cook. Fry thin slices of bacon until crisp, and before serving sprinkle with a mixture of spinach and grated cheese. 

Let the football feast will please us not only bright victories, but also delicious discoveries. Athletic mood and good appetite!

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