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"Caesar" - King of salads

The name determines the fate. The history of the creation of one of the most popular salads is a vivid confirmation of this. Named after the legendary ruler and commander, Caesar salad won nationwide fame and conquered the hearts of gourmets around the globe.

Sparks of inspiration

In fact, the salad has absolutely nothing to do with the famous ancient Roman emperor. It's just that the real creator of this dish also bore the name Caesar and had a clear talent in the field of naming. The two witty husbands had only a common homeland - captivating sunny Italy. However, the unknown namesake of Gaius Julius - Caesar Cardini - did not seek happiness in his native land, but went after him to the American continent. He started by opening a restaurant called Caesar's Place with his brother Alex. True, not in America itself, but in the inconspicuous Mexican town of Tijuana. Oddly enough, but it was this provincial corner that gilded the enterprising emigrant and immortalized his name in history.

Because in the states while the people suffered mercilessly from the "dry" law, the need for a good drink, he had to satisfy overseas. Quite incidentally on the way many searchers came across a cozy restaurant «Caesar's Place», where you can always get hold of strong drinks.

The starry hour of Cardini burst 4 July 1924 year, exactly on Independence Day. He was visited by a broken company of actors from Hollywood. Their goals were quite predictable - from the heart of fun and swing with a sweep. Drinking from Caesar was plentiful, but with snacks there were difficulties. At his disposal were only eggs, bread, parmesan and olive oil. The inner voice whispered Cardini's recipe, which he followed immediately. The cook rubbed a plate of garlic, covered it with lettuce leaves and poured it with olive oil. Then he quickly cooked the eggs, dropping them for a couple of minutes into boiling water - as a result, an excellent dressing turned out. On the leaves of the salad he laid out crunchy croutons with a golden crust, poured with egg sauce, covered with grated cheese and sprinkled with lemon juice.

From this original dish the guests came in enchanting delight chorus demanded continuation of the banquet and additives. Title to copyright salad Caesar Cardini came up at the same moment.

The Irony of Fate, or Bon Appetit

Cardini zealous attitude to his creation, and did not recognize any foreign ingredients, other than those that chose himself. But his brother Alex, hoping to snatch the laurels a bit of popularity and myself, was not averse to experiment. Therefore, it is complicated recipes using anchovies, calling the dish "Salad Aviator" as they treated the American pilots. But Cardini senior was in no hurry to include it in the menu, stubbornly pushing your own salad in its original form.

His fame quickly spread across the American prairies, crossed the ocean and soon reached the shores of Europe. Caesar's Place and its signature dish have become unheard of. Travelers from all over the world came here, wishing to personally taste the fashionable salad. Among his ardent admirers was the wife of Prince Edward VIII of Wales, who knew a lot about culinary delights.

Salad "Caesar" disappointed its creator only once. In 1948 year when Cardini tried to mass-produce the original author's dishes and filling him, he experienced the malice still supportive of fortune. It turned out that he can not officially register the copyright name "Caesar", as it has already become public property. Then the cheerful Italian hastily staked name "original Caesar" and "Cardini".

Finally fate still amuse vanity chef. In 1953 year, a couple of years before his untimely death, Epicurean Society of Paris awarded the main creation Cardini title of "the best recipe that appeared in America in recent years 50."

Caesar in your home

“Caesar” outlived its creator by almost a hundred years and is unlikely to disappear from the restaurant menu in the next century. There are a lot of variations of this dish. The most democratic is prepared from sprats, and the most luxurious - from mussels, lobsters and red caviar.

Classic "Caesar" in modern reading can not be imagined without chicken fillet and branded sauce. It is made on the basis of two or three lightly boiled eggs mixed with Worcesters sauce, chopped anchovies, olive oil, mustard and lemon juice. All these ingredients are quickly and easily converted into a homogeneous mass with a blender. Chicken breast fry in sunflower oil. We prepare the breadcrumbs from white bread: we cut it in small cubes, we stand in a dressing from olive oil and garlic and quickly fry it. Now it remains to lay the bottom of the plate with torn leaves of lettuce and lay on them a chicken breast with crackers. In the end we pour the composition with the prepared sauce and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.

No less popular is the "Caesar" with shrimps. Crackers and salad dressing can be prepared using a similar technology, eliminating anchovies from the latter. But for shrimp you need a separate marinade. Mix for him a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, art. Spoon of olive oil and salt. For piquancy, you can add a mixture of red, white and black peppers. Shrimp must be kept in this marinade for a couple of hours. Then you can start cooking - three minutes for tender meat will be enough. After that, we spread on the leaves of the salad roasted shrimps, then crackers and grated cheddar, alternating each layer with branded dressing. The freshness of the dish will be added by the Bulgarian pepper or fresh tomatoes without the skin, as well as a few drops of lemon juice.

Any one of these delicious and nutritious salads - the perfect dish for the whole family at any time of the year. He successfully complement the festive meal and diversifies workaday menu. Try to cook your own "Caesar" himself and members of the household to the joy.

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