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Beer: the spirit of antiquity in the glass

The most popular alcoholic beverage in the world gladly absorb all parts of the world in large quantities. In particular, and Russia, where 14 June celebrating the Day of the brewer. And judging by the fact that the history saith, this profession successfully mastered in ancient times.

In the wake of the first brewers

Who was the first brewer? It is unlikely that we will ever know the answer to this question, because scientists can not even agree on the exact time and place of occurrence of the light beer. According to one version, it was in Mesopotamia 6-8 thousand years ago. This is evidenced by carved on the stones of the ancient temple of beer recipes. Even then, it was known Sumerians at least, 15 varieties of the drink. Respectful attitude to beer even reflected in the popular saying "do not know the beer - so do not know the joy."

The legendary Code of Hammurabi (about 1750 BC. E.) Beer, rather, punishments for criminal acts against him, devoted a whole two paragraphs. Negligent Brewers as diluting the beer traders could easily drown in the nearest pond. Especially guilty drowned in the base Brahe or forced to revel in it until death. Not surprisingly, the Babylonian beer has always been distinguished by excellent quality.

However, the Egyptians also knew the recipe for an intoxicating drink. This is confirmed by drawings on the walls of the tomb, where the faithful Pharaoh Amenhotep III Tiya rested. They clearly describe the process of preparation of beer, from which it can be concluded that the Egyptian brewers used something like a wide form for baking bread. They were installed over large fires, and inside were placed clay jars with a barley of barley or wheat. This mass was kept on fire until a golden crust appeared, and then mixed with the date juice and spicy herbs. The process of fermentation began, after which the finished beer was poured into jars and sealed tightly.

From Egypt, the drink smoothly migrated to Ethiopia, Persia and other lands. It is curious that the Slavs, according to the assurances of some historians, invented beer independently of other nations. This hypothesis is confirmed by archaeological excavations in Novgorod. Thanks to the discoveries, it became known that already in the 9 century our ancestors gladly cooked and consumed barley drinks according to their own recipes.  

Beer and a little crazy

The number of beers has since increased significantly, and from time to time, brewers do not forget to please us with something new. A married couple, Tom and Athena Sifurt from the US state of Illinois, managed to make beer with the taste of pizza. To do this, they added tomatoes, garlic and basil to the traditional ingredients, naming their creation Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer. Other craftsmen of American origin from the company Flying Fish decided to please sophisticated gourmets and released a foamy drink brewed with oysters.

As always, the Japanese were gushing with bright ideas. Another surprise was the Tomato Bibere hop drink with the addition of fresh tomatoes and savory spices. Another Japanese beer Bilk dares to try not everyone, because it consists of milk for a third. According to the creators, only a light milky taste distinguishes it from the traditional drink - and no unexpected effects after its use. And lovers of Japanese cuisine, who have nothing to drink their favorite sushi with rolls, hospitably will be offered a bottle of greenish beer with a taste of wasabi. 

Brewers Shanandoah company decided to pave the trail to the hearts of those who have a negative attitude to beer of chocolate donuts. It has such a taste of foam called Chosolate Donut Stout. For those who can not choose between a beer and a cup of black coffee, brewery Dark Star offers a taste of the beer with the flavor of espresso.

The main "hit" cards with a bar above range could well be a beer Kwispelbier originally from Holland. However, this drink is designed exclusively for dogs, because it is so tempting smells choicest beef.

Beer best friends

Beer without snacks - money down the drain. And for the right to treat pennomu not necessarily run to the nearest bar. It is quite possible to cook at home. For example, fried chicken wings. First of all, you need to make the marinade: Mix the soy sauce with lemon juice, crushed garlic, paprika, thyme, rosemary and curry. This spicy mixture rub the wings and give them a couple of hours to soak. Then fry them in sunflower oil and serve with your favorite sauce.

If the house stale loaf of stale, it can easily be turned into a first-class snack for beer. We can cut the bread into even slices thick 1 cm, thoroughly soak them in raw egg and send it to roast in the pan. When cooled croutons, rub them with salt, garlic, and top smazhem a mixture of grated cheese, boiled eggs and mayonnaise.

Crispy onion rings make beer absorption process even more enjoyable. They begin with the preparation of the batter: mix into a homogeneous mass of flour, salt, black pepper and beer. Cut a few onions rings large and immersed in a beer batter. Fry the onion in a large amount of oil until golden-amber color. After that, we are thrown back on the napkin rings to glass excess oil. Before serving, they may be slightly priporoshit chili.

Cheese balls - snack hearty and tasty, and most importantly, does not require a Herculean effort. Cheese, boiled eggs, garlic, rub on a small grater, roll off from the resulting mass of neat balls and rolled in bread crumbs. Quickly fry them in oil, and give lie down on a paper towel. And while the cheese balls do not have time to cool down, we carry them to be eaten by the guests.

What could be more delicious than shrimp for beer? Only shrimps brewed in beer. You need to bring a small saucepan with beer to a boil, then add chopped onion, garlic, parsley, a few black peppercorns and add the juice of one lemon. We boil this broth over low heat for 10 minutes, then pour the peeled shrimps into it and cook 5-7 for another minute. In the end you need to let them stand under a closed lid for half an hour. Well, after we lay out the shrimps on a large dish and we sprinkle with lemon juice - the original snack is ready for the foamy.  

Without a doubt, beer is one of the best drinks invented by mankind. However, do not abuse it, turning a pleasant pleasure into a bad habit. 

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