I threw the package of gelatin! Now I use the tool much better ...

Jelly, jellied meat, jelly, marmalade, jam - this is an incomplete list of dishes that are prepared using a variety of gelling agents. Many housewives for years use animal gelatinWithout even realizing that it is possible to achieve a better gelling effect using vegetable substances! Our editors will tell what to replace gelatin.

  • PectinPectin is a bonding agent that is extracted from apples, citrus peel, sunflower baskets and sugar beet pulp. At home, you can make fruit jam or jam with the addition of pectin.

    To do this, mix a small amount of sugar with pectin (5 g of pectin on 1 kg of fruit) and add the mixture to boiling jam. At the end of cooking, add a little citric acid to the jam. Pectin begins to act like gelatin, after complete cooling.what to replace gelatin at home

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