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Festive Mood: what drinks you can cook from frozen fruit and berries

Bright mood: drinks made from frozen fruits and berries

Last month of winter - a suitable occasion to remember the frozen fruits and berries are carefully laid up in the summer. Cooked of them bright, delicious, Refreshing drinks raise your spirits and remind you of the imminent approach of spring.

Lingonberry solo

Morse from whole berries frozen cranberries - a drink that literally gushes vitamins. But he is also incredibly delicious! 500 g thawed berries at room temperature, poured liquid and mince. Add sugar to taste and stir the resulting berry puree. We spread it into the pan, pour 3 liters of purified water and cook on low heat for no longer than 5 minutes after boiling. Ready drink filtered through gauze and a little cool. Decorate glasses with fruit drink with fresh mint and entertain guests.

Fragrant coolness

A drink with such a seductive aroma will bring together many who wish to try it

What drinks can be made from frozen berries, in addition to fruit drinks? Of course, compotes, because the whole family likes them. Pour 150 g of dried mint with 3 liters of hot water at a temperature of 80–85 ° C and leave for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, put 500 g of any frozen berries in a bowl and let them thaw. Then, together with the released juice, we send them into a saucepan with mint infusion. Pour a glass of sugar here, put ground cinnamon to taste, bring to a boil and cook the compote over medium heat for 10 minutes. In the end, it will remain to strain it thoroughly. A drink with such a seductive aroma will gather around many people who want to taste it. Add ice, beautiful cocktail tubes to it - and a great version of a festive drink is ready.

Echoes of summer

Such a fresh compote is a storehouse of health and good mood

If among your stocks there are frozen plums and apricots, they will find a worthy use. Compote with these fruits will bring the warmest memories of summer. Better and tastier than all, he will cook in the multivark. Without defrosting, put in a bowl of 300 g of sinks and apricots lobules. Add to them 300 g slices of fresh apples, sprinkle 2-3 st. L. Sugar and completely filled with filtered water. Select the "Quenching" mode, set the timer to 2 hours. Ready to compote we cool right in the multivark. Then we pass it through the cheesecloth and put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Such a fresh compote is a storehouse of health and fine mood.

Smoothies for optimists

Make a smoothie for breakfast for the whole family - a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day is provided

Sour drinks from frozen berries in a blender are not inferior to light vitamin mixes. Take an 1 cup of black and red currant. If you previously cleaned and washed berries, they will not need any preparation. They do not even have to be thawed. Mix the berries in the bowl of the blender, sprinkle 1 art. L. Oat flakes and honey to taste. Pour here 200 ml of natural yogurt at room temperature and beat the ingredients into a homogeneous mass. If the smoothie seems too thick, add a little milk. Prepare it for breakfast for the whole family - a charge of cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day is provided.

Milk potpourri

Sweeties will come from such a treat in complete delight

Milk cocktails from berries at home - drinks that children adore. Cut the mug of 2 banana and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes. There they will slightly freeze and give the cocktail the right consistency. Berries, in our case, according to 200 g strawberries and raspberries, on the contrary, we defrost. First beat the blender into a thick slurry of bananas. Then we spread the thawed berries and lightly rotate them. Add 100 g of the filling and whisk everything into a smooth mass. Pour ½ cup of milk and mix thoroughly. We pour out a cocktail on high glasses, sprinkle with grated chocolate and decorate with fresh berries. Sweets will come from such a delicacy in full delight.

And you have kept frozen fruit in reserve? Which of them are like in your family the most? And what delicious drinks from fruits and berries you cook for the family? Share signature recipes with all readers.

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