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How to cook meat pies Ossetian. Try them only once, will never forget the taste!

Ossetian pies with meat (fydzhyn) - a very ancient national dish, which is usually served on the festive table for dear guests. Present fıddjın must be very rich, so its shape is somewhat different from the Ossetian pies stuffed with cheese with herbs and potatoes ... There is also a meat pie does not apply the traditional "rule 3-x": they can be baked in any amount, up by 1 for each guest!

  • Now turn filling. fyddzhyna for meat should be chopped finely with a knife-shallow. You can do so: half chopped, half a kink in a meat grinder with large holes.

    Also, we shall cut finely the onion, garlic passed through the press. Salt, add black pepper. If you and your family - fans of extreme sports, add to stuffing a piece of sliced ​​hot pepper pod. Pour 5-6 Art. l. broth for juiciness and knead well.Ossetian meat pies

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