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Sworn enemies in a pan

Elementary skills of diplomacy are very useful even during the preparation of the usual dinner. And if in the refrigerator unfriendly neighborhood of some products is acceptable, then a conflict of interest in the pan can turn into a real revolution in the stomachs of the household.

That's why you should know in advance which products are best never to be found in the same dish.

Worst Friend meat

The combination of meat with potatoes or pasta adored by millions, sadly, is fraught with many dangers. The interaction of proteins and carbohydrates not only contributes to the intense accumulation of hated calories, but also causes discomfort. In addition, the harmful substances contained in fried meat refuse to leave the body and, over time, can cause gastric diseases, including cancer. So it's best to consume the above foods individually.

Speaking of fried meat. Many housewives gladly replace sunflower oil, olive, whenever possible, even when frying chops, steaks or chops. However, olive oil is suitable only for cold salads and appetizers, and under the influence of high temperatures it useful properties will inevitably collapse.

Nutritionists strongly advise never to combine meat and cheese, since the former contains zinc, and the latter contains phosphorus. Chemically, these elements interact poorly, because phosphorus slows down the absorption of zinc. So it makes more sense to eat these foods separately and combine them with fresh vegetables. Another sad news for those who consider meat under a glass of vodka an ideal union. Alcohol in the vicinity of animal proteins becomes even more harmful, since it blocks the pepsin contained in meat, which is necessary for the safe assimilation of proteins.  

by nature Fish - less capricious ally. The main thing to remember here, fatty fish in any case should not be combined with eggs and sunflower oil. the real battle begins nutrients in these cases. Ovidin contained in eggs, neutralizes vitamin B7, which saturated fatty fish. Omega-6, present in sunflower oil at the root destroys health benefits of fish omega-3 acids.


Cooking the perfect breakfast

The main meal of the day, according to most nutritionists, is breakfast. And those who are accustomed to get along with a cup of coffee in the morning should review their preferences. A great alternative is a sandwich made from rye or bran bread, rich in minerals and vitamins. True, in this case, your favorite coffee will have to be forgotten, since caffeine will become an insurmountable barrier to the path of beneficial substances.

For the same reason it is not necessary to combine an omelet or fried egg with a cup of strong flavored drink. Polyphenols contained therein retard the absorption of iron, coming from the eggs, but also reduce the level of calcium. It is best to postpone the meeting with your favorite drink at least half an hour after lunch.

As for the egg, it is not the most friendly product in the world. To master a complex protein the body is not so easy, therefore, to burden it with other foods should not be. No harmful effects to the eggs, you can add some fresh vegetables or greens.

Another version of a healthy breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese, rich in protein. And since they will be digested over an extended time to combine with other cheese products it is also not recommended. Exceptions are related dairy products such as sour cream with fat content 10-15%.


Fruit etiquette

What could be more useful fruits, especially during the off-season painful for the body? However, some fruits sometimes show an insidious nature. The so-called sweet fruit - bananas, persimmons, figs and other dried fruit - it is better to eat separately. Almost all of them are digested for a long time, and the presence of extraneous ingredients only complicates the process. An exception can be made except for pilaf with dried apricots or raisins.

Fruits are friends of families, and besides each other, they can easily tolerate the presence of only cream, sour cream and other dairy products. However, there are renegades. Kiwi, despite all the beneficial properties, contains a special enzyme, which under the influence of dairy products begins to emit unpleasant bitterness. So a tropical fruit can hopelessly spoil an ordinary fruit salad or a lovingly cooked cake with cream. 

And it should be remembered that any fruit is best eaten half an hour before the main meal and at least three hours after it. Otherwise they will lose all useful properties and can provoke unpleasant processes of fermentation in the stomach. A vivid confirmation of this is the popularly loved watermelon and melon, which are best used as separate dishes. The role of dessert is absolutely not suitable for them. 


Art of drinking

The centuries-old tradition of generous feast oblige diluted well-fed meal drinks. Nutritionists in response to patiently continue to remind, that the food and drinks you need to share at least a half-hour intervals.

Freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables is better to translate the rank of the individual dishes to the abundance of vitamins and minerals the body has learned in its entirety. Innocent and so many favorite blend of tea with pastries from yeast dough unambiguously refers to naivredneyshim. Contained in tea tannins come into confrontation with the rigid protein, and inhibit the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. At the same wine tannins are lost in transit and vitamin V1, which are rich in yeast.

By the way, the list of banned combinations gets one more sacred for many alliance - beer with peanuts. And the answer for this, of course, alcohol, mercilessly destroying stockpiled in peanuts vitamins and minerals. Additionally, both products are extremely high in calories, so that the body is a combination of a serious test.

On closer inspection, culinary taboos are not that numerous. By eliminating them from your own diet, you can establish a healthy diet, significantly improve your health and always stay in a contented mood.   

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