Kuhmistersha placed on top of the foil dish on foil - 1 kg of cereals ... Masterpiece!

I must say, we are not going to cook delicious product of the tender meat of Japanese cows. Snack Meat, For which the cooking process you will observe, is made of chicken! In the 100 g of finished dishes just 115 calories, we can safely call it marbled meat diet.

It looks ready meat is extremely impressive! Celebratory cutting fit perfectly. No preservatives or chemicals, and look even better than the store counterparts ...

Mramornoe Meat


  • 700 g chicken fillets
  • 25 g of instant gelatin
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1, 5 h. l. peppers
  • 1 hours. L. dried dill
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • ground black pepper

Also, you will need a sleeve for baking and rectangular shape for baking, Food foil, 1 kg of any cereal. Why croup? This secret you'll remember for a long time and be used many times, I promise!


  • We shall cut 700 g chicken long strips.Мраморное мясо из курицы
  • Shift the meat in a bowl. Add 25 g of instant gelatin, fennel, salt, paprika and 5 crushed garlic cloves. A little pepper the meat and mix thoroughly.Мраморное мясо из курицы рецепт
  • Place the meat in the sleeve for baking, laying out pieces on top of each other. Leave meat sleeve stand for about an hour at room temperature: it is time to lightly pickled.Мраморное мясо фото
  • Meat in the hole put in a baking dish. Put in a preheated form 180 degree oven and bake marbled meat 1 hour.Мраморное мясо из курицы рецепт
  • Take out the meat from the oven and let it cool slightly. Untie one cuff to release excess air. Cover meat with foil on top, folded in several layers, put weight on it. It is very convenient to use as cargo 1 kg of any cereal.

    When the form is completely cooled, put it in the fridge for 8 hours.Мраморное мясо из курицы фото

  • Done! Meat looks awesome ... worthy appetizer for the holiday table!Мраморное мясо из курицы фото
  • meats from the store are harmful to health, if only because that part of their salt is present in abundance, flavor enhancers and various preservatives. Why not cook a yummy home version? Especially because this is absolutely not difficult.

    The result is an inviting ...

    Мраморное мясо фото

    Share with your friends and your friends a great idea for home feasts! Send us photos of your culinary masterpiece - so curious how marbled meat turned out at you ...

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