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Taste of summer: Six recipes cold soups

In the summer to reflect on the home menu is not particularly necessary. Nature itself dictates what to cook for dinner for the whole family. To do this, collect enough vegetables are available and remember recipes cold soups.

World Soup

Okroshka is the simplest cold soup, which only adds to its popularity. Boil 400 g of veal and cut it into cubes. Cut 3 boiled potatoes, 4 hard-boiled eggs, 4 fresh cucumbers and 10-12 radishes in the same way. Shred 1 bunch of dill. Usually this cold soup is cooked with kefir, so we will pour it into the pan - 2 liters is enough. If kefir is too fat, dilute it with mineral water. We put veal, vegetables, eggs and herbs here. And now a little trick that will enrich the taste with new shades. Finely chop a bunch of green onions, add 2 tsp. salt and lightly knead in a mortar so that it gives juice. We introduce the onion into okroshka, cool and serve to the household members who have worked up an appetite. Garnish the soup with a slice of lemon before serving. By the way, cold cucumber soup is prepared in many countries. In Bulgaria it is a trator, in Uzbekistan it is a chalop, and in Armenia it is a matsnarbrdosh.

Beets with cool

Serve cold beetroot soup, seasoned with sour cream

A hot favorite hit of cold summer soups is beetroot soup, it's also a cold. Cut 3 beet cubes, and the tops - shallow straw. Boil shredded root vegetables in 1,5 l water with 1 tsp. vinegar. So we will retain a deep rich color. For 5 minutes until ready to pour into the pan tops. Cut into cubes 3 boiled potatoes, 2 eggs, 2 cucumber, half-pound of green onion, 3-4 leaf lettuce and 5-6 fennel branches. All this generous assortment is shifted into beetroot broth. Separately mix 3 chopped cloves of garlic, 1 tsp. grated horseradish, ½ tsp. mustard and 1 st. l. vinegar. Enter the spicy dressing in beetroot and mix. We serve cold beet soup, having flavored it with sour cream. If the soup does not have time to cool down, and the family is already assembled, add ice cubes to it.

Like a fish in a botwe

We put fish in this delicious cold soup right in the plates before serving

What is the name of the cold soup, which in Russia was popular both among the poor and the rich? You may not have known, but this is a botvinnik. In composition, it resembles a beetroot, but it is often supplemented with red fish. Let's start with its preparation. Boil 500 g of salmon in salted water, not forgetting to add the onion, 5 allspice peas and bay leaf. Cook separately 500 g of spinach for 30 minutes, put it in a colander and rub through a sieve. Cut into cubes 3 boiled beets, 200 g of radish, a large cucumber, onion and a bunch of dill. We combine all the ingredients, salt and pour 1,5 liters of bread kvass. We put the fish in this delicious cold soup right on the plates before serving. Slices of fresh lemon will give it a pleasant invigorating note.

Green freshness

If someone at home yearns for meat, add pork soup

Cold soups from sorrel - a miracle as good. Especially successfully the brandy sour is combined with vegetables and mushrooms. Sliced ​​250 g champignons, potatoes, 50 g celery root, 100 g zucchini. Bring to the boil 1 l of water and pour out the vegetables with mushrooms. While they are boiling, we pass in the oil a crushed onion with carrots. Then we introduce the roast into the soup. For 5 minutes before the vegetables are ready, we add a scrambled bunch of sorrel. Cook it for 2 minutes, salt and pepper soup, put a clove of crushed garlic and cool. Serve this cold vegetable soup with a half boiled egg and sour cream. If someone from the house yearns for meat, supplement the soup with pork. A capricious gourmet poteshite variation with shrimps.

Okroshka in Spanish

In Spain, cold tomato soup is usually served with a side dish of fresh vegetables and crackers

With native Russian soups, Spanish cold gazpacho soup from fresh tomatoes successfully competes. Soak in water 250 g stale white bread. While it is swelling, we will fill with boiling water 1,5 kg fresh tomatoes, remove peel from them, remove all the seeds from the pulp. The tomato mass is transferred to a blender, add the sliced ​​1 sweet pepper, 1 cucumber and half a bulb. We beat all the ingredients in a homogeneous puree, pour it into a saucepan, pour a cup of cold water, 50 ml of olive oil and 1 st. l. wine vinegar. In Spain, cold tomato soup is usually served with a garnish of fresh vegetables and rusks. And to children this dish is also fond of, pour in a lot of water and offer it as a cocktail.

Apricots for lunch

Complement this dish with different berries and delight loved ones with new variations every time.

It is easy to please the sweet tooth with cold soups for the summer - replace vegetables with fruits. Delicate apricot soup is a safe bet. Bring to a boil a mixture of 300 ml of apricot and apple juice, add 2 tbsp. l. regular sugar and 1 tbsp. l. vanilla. Pour in 400 g of pitted apricots, cook for 4 minutes. Cool, puree with a blender and refrigerate for 3 hours. Ideally, the temperature of the cold soup should not exceed 10-12 ° C. Pour the soup into bowls, decorate with a sprig of mint. Complement this dish with different berries and delight loved ones with new variations every time. 

And in your collection there are recipes for cold soups with photos? Share interesting ideas with readers of the Eat Doma club. Surely someone will want to try your specialties.


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