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Tasty marinades for meat

The course for the summer has been confidently taken. This means that from now on you can have picnics with barbecue at least every weekend. It remains to stock up on recipes for delicious marinades for meat in order to taste them in the field. 

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The first thing you need to choose high-quality meat and marinate it properly. Otherwise, even the most sophisticated marinade will be of little use. For kebabs best meat of young animals, fresh and with a little fat. Cut it into small equal pieces so that they can evenly roast on ember inside and outside. Before a picnic, the meat should be cooled in advance, but not frozen.  

What kept the meat in the marinade? Barbecue lovers argue about it until they were hoarse. To the meat properly soaked, it was soft and gentle, with an average required 12 hours in the refrigerator. Some recipes and three hours sufficient. In this case, the softness of the meat will give fresh kiwi juice, pomegranate and pineapple, and grated lemon peel. A more delicate meat becomes in the presence of black pepper and ground cumin. But vinegar should be used cautiously. vinegar excess drown out the taste of meat and make it very dry and tough.

Do not forget to add your favorite spices to the marinade: black and red pepper, coriander, dried and fresh herbs, chili, basil or bay leaf. Just do not mix spices from different recipes - the result may not live up to expectations. And in order not to be mistaken, you can purchase a ready-made universal barbecue seasoning in the store.

Onion simplicity

Onion marinade is perfect for pork, lamb and beef

The simplest meat marinade is made from onions. For 1 kg of raw meat, we take 700 g of onions and 2 tsp. black pepper. Peel the bulbs, rub them on a fine grater or puree in a blender. It is important for us that the result is a liquid onion gruel. Mix it with black pepper and marinate the meat in the resulting mixture for at least three hours. Immediately before frying the kebab, you must completely get rid of the onion marinade. This recipe is perfect for pork, lamb and beef. But for tender chicken meat, it will be harsh.

Honey mustard hugs

Honey mustard marinade can be used to grease meat right before cooking.

According to many experts, the fastest marinade for meat is honey-mustard. Its peculiarity is that it generally does not require pickling. Meat can be smeared with it right before cooking. So, we mix according to 1 art. L. Mustard and honey, according to 1 tsp. Ground cumin and black pepper and add here a fresh peel of one orange. We beat all ingredients with a blender into a homogeneous mass and take it with us to a picnic. Before frying, carefully slip all the pieces of meat with sauce, string them on the skewers and lay them on the brazier. Best of all, this marinade is combined with lamb. However, for beef and pork, it is also quite suitable.

Tomato charm

Tomato marinade is especially in harmony with pork and beef

Tomato sauce and kebabs are classics of the genre. How to make a marinade for meat from tomatoes? The first thing you need to squeeze out fresh tomatoes 300 ml of juice and mix it with 100 ml of apple cider vinegar. Better yet, take the same amount of dry white wine instead. The meat is cut into small pieces, rubbed with a mixture of black pepper, coriander and nutmeg. Put the kebab in a deep pan, interspersed with onion rings, and then pour it with a mixture of tomato juice and vinegar. To kebab reached the desired condition, it must be kept in the fridge all night. This marinade is especially in harmony with pork and beef.  

Kefir tenderness

Kefir marinade is suitable for cooking pork, beef and chicken

Some experts are skeptical about the meat marinade recipe for shish kebab based on kefir. However, thanks to him, the meat is especially delicate, juicy and tasty. At 1 kg of raw meat, we need 500 ml of kefir with a fat content of not more than 2,5%, as well as 500 g of onion, 5 peas of black pepper and ½ tbsp. L. Seasonings hops-suneli. Onion finely cut into cubes and lightly pressed. Mix it with spices and chilled kefir, pour the resulting mixture of pieces of meat. To marinade penetrate into all corners, carefully shake the pan with shish kebab and put in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. This variant of marinade can be used for cooking pork, beef and chicken.

Pomegranate hops

Pomegranate marinade makes even the toughest meat tender

Gourmets consider one of the best marinades for meat pomegranate marinade. He not only successfully emphasizes subtle taste notes, but also makes even the most tough meat tender. To begin with, we shred a large bulb, a bunch of mint and coriander. Sdabrivaem all the ingredients 1 tsp. Black pepper and carefully rub the resulting mixture of pieces of meat. We spread the shish kebab together with herbs and onions in a saucepan, and then pour it with 2 glasses of pomegranate juice and ½ cup of vodka. In this form, we leave the shish kebab in the refrigerator for the night. Pomegranate marinade is universal, so it will perfectly complement any meat.

Do you know how to prepare the marinade for the meat? Share proprietary recipes and cooking secrets ideal barbecue with other readers!

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