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Tales prescription: homemade cakes for Christmas

Delicious Christmas cakes - the favorite treat of January holidays. For such cases, experienced hostesses in store special recipes passed down from generation to generation. What pastry cook on Christmas and New Year? Let's discuss together.

Sweet Tooth Pies

Christmas baking from different countries is represented by sweet pies. In our country they are also loved and cooked with pleasure. In a saucepan, heat a liter of milk, add 150 yeast, 3 st. Sugar, 300 sour cream, 300 butter and 4 eggs, as well as salt, vanilla and cinnamon. Cover the pan with a lid and put it away in a warm place for a couple of hours. Next, shift the dough into a large basin, in parts, we introduce 2,5 kg of flour and pour in 50 cognac. The dough is left to settle for 2-3 hours. For pies for Christmas, you can make a few fillings. For one, boil the poppy seeds (300) in milk (500 ml) and add sugar to taste. For another, take any homemade jam. For the third rub cottage cheese with eggs and sugar and add dried fruits. We divide the dough into small pieces and make pies, filling them with stuffing. Lubricate them with yolk, lay on an oiled baking tray and bake at a temperature of 170 ° C until a golden crust appears.

Noble kulebyaka

Kulebyak is a closed cake with a complex filling, which has been invariably prepared in Russia for various holidays. Kulebyaki for Christmas is traditionally filled with fish. It is best to prepare a yeast dough by a sponge, for which we need 1,2 kg of flour, 2 st. Milk, 6 eggs, 200 butter and 60 yeast. And while the dough fits, we will fill it. Rinse the buckwheat (3) with the egg, dry it, pour it with water (2,5), add 100 g of butter and steam it in the oven. For the filling we'll take a fillet of pollock or haddock (800), let it through the meat grinder, fry it with onion and mix it with buckwheat. Next, roll the dough into a layer thickness of 1 cm and spread a part of the fish filling with an oblong slide. We seal it, put on top slices of salmon or salmon (800), close the second half of the filling and patch the edges. We send the cake to the oven for an hour at a temperature of 180 ° C. Ready kulebyaka wrapped with a towel for another 60 minutes. This and other recipes for Christmas baking with photos and step-by-step descriptions are available on our website.

Holiday Cheesecakes

Sweet cheesecakes will please both adults and children

The traditional menu is complete without sweet pastries and tarts for Christmas will be a win-win option. Frostbitten butter (125 g) Grate, sleeps flour (180) and do deepen. Lightly egg whisking, add to it 75, the sugar, salt and mix thoroughly, then pour the mixture into the flour and butter. Knead the dough, form it into a ball and wrapped with cling film, leave in the fridge for an hour. Meanwhile, soaked in cognac a handful of raisins, then add it to mashed with sugar (50) and egg curd (300 g).

Next, roll out the dough into the layer with a thickness of 5 mm and cut out of it circles with a diameter of 10, see. In the center of each place on 2 Art. l fillings, pinch the edges and shape the cheesecake. Lubricate them with egg yolk and bake at 180 ° C until golden brown.

Fly on pie  

Pies, or open pies with a filling, were also in Russia in great honor. So pie for Christmas will please your guests. Prepare a yeast dough with a volume of 700-800 and divide it into balls by 150. For the filling, we take 200 of dried mushrooms, which we first soak in water, then boil and fold in a colander. Next, skip them through a meat grinder and fry with onions. Boil rice and mix it with mushrooms - the filling for the pies is ready. Now roll the balls out of the dough into round cakes, spread them on 70, filling and fasten the edges, leaving the center open. We grease the pies with egg yolk, put them on the oiled baking sheet and place them in the oven preheated to 220 ° C for 15 minutes. By the way, these wonderful cakes can be included in the recipes of New Year's baking, which you can find on our website. 

Tubules with a surprise

Sausages is also one of the options for Christmas baking

Another version of the festive baking - saichki for Christmas. We prepare the dough for them as in the previous recipe. We will need 300 flour, 130 ml milk, in which we dilute 12 yeast, as well as egg, 30 sugar and a pinch of salt. While the dough is suitable, cook the cream. Yolks (3 pcs.) Whisk with sugar (75), pour the starch (30) and mix well. Preheat 250 ml of milk and add in a thin trickle into the egg mixture. Constantly stirring, cook the cream until the full thickening and put 1 tsp. Butter. We divide the dough into identical "koloboks", roll them out into oblong thin layers, slip the cream and roll them into the tubes. Part of the cream is left for decoration. We put the tubes in the baking dish, cover with a towel and wait for a while. Then grease them with beaten egg, make patterns from the cream and put in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.

Want more recipes? Read the comments and sections of our site. Christmas and New Year's pastries, recipes with photos and detailed descriptions are presented here in all their diversity. 


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