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Spend the summer and did not prepare any favorite jam jars - just a crime. If you have not had time to do that, we offer unusual recipes in the world's best treats.

Strawberry tenderness

Let's start with the original strawberry jam. Mix sugar 600 g with strawberry 600 g and leave overnight so that it gives juice. In the morning, put the berries on a low fire and, while gently stirring, bring to a boil. Immediately add 7 crushed black peppercorns, 1 Art. l vanilla and 1 Art. l lemon juice. Cook the 15 mix for a minute, then pour it into the cans and seal them. Pepper will give savory notes to jam, and vanilla - a delicate aftertaste. 

Cherry covered in chocolate

Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Cherries also inspire creativity. Remove the bones from the 1 kg of berries, turn them in a blender, add 500 g of sugar and give juice. Bring the mixture to a boil, add 1 Art. l Cocoa, 1 Art. l citric acid and boil for 20 minutes. Put 100 of broken bitter chocolate and melt it. Pour the jam into jars and roll up. Children will request the original cherry jam from your stock first, so hide it away before winter!

Cherry with a surprise

Winter family gatherings with such jam can not be compared with anything

Original cherry jam requires more time and perseverance, but efforts will be rewarded. Remove the bones from the 1 kg of sweet cherries and fill the berries with peanuts. Cook the syrup from 1 kg of sugar, 1 glasses of water and a pinch of vanilla. Pour cherries into it, bring to a boil, remove from heat and cool. We repeat the procedure three times, add the sliced ​​lemon and roll it into jars. Winter family gatherings with this jam can not be compared with anything.  

Royal treat

Jam from gooseberry

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with something exquisite? Make original gooseberry jam. Wipe 1 kg of berries, put them in a basin, add 8-10 cherry leaves. Cook the syrup from 2 glasses of water and 1½ kg of sugar. Pour the berry mixture into it, bring to a boil and cool for 4 hours. Boil them again and put the original gooseberry jam in the jars. Cherry leaves will give it an emerald hue and a pleasant scent.

Forest divo

Delicious delicate jam with a delightful aroma of wild berries will appeal to everyone, without exception

The original recipe for five-minute strawberry jam is as easy as shelling pears. Mix 3 cups of strawberries and currants each, fill them with 2 cups of sugar and let the berries drain. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly and removing the foam. Cook it for exactly 5 minutes and roll it into jars. Delicious delicate jam with a delightful aroma of wild berries will please everyone, without exception. By the way, you can make delicious toasts from the remaining sweet foam. For this option, you can choose your favorite berries to your taste. 

Tropical plum

Such a treat will turn any homemade pastry into a masterpiece

Original jam for the winter of plums - a fabulous pleasure. Fill the pitted fruit with a glass of sugar with 600 g, pour in a glass of water and cook until the plums are softened. Knead 2 banana with a fork and mix them with 2 Art. l cocoa powder. Cool plums, combine with banana puree, add walnuts with 60 and beat with blender. Now you can pour the jam on the banks. Such a delicacy will turn any home-made pastry into a masterpiece.

Coffee apricots

Unusual apricot dessert will conquer even those who are indifferent to sweets

You can also dream up with apricots. Finely chop 750 g of pitted apricots, beat the other 750 g with a blender. Mix both parts with 800 g of regular sugar, a bag of vanilla sugar and the juice of 2 lemons. By crushing in a mortar 7 tbsp. l. coffee beans, wrap them in cheesecloth and put in the apricot mixture for 2 hours. Bring the jam to a boil and cook for 15 minutes. We take out a bag of coffee, roll the jam into jars. An unusual apricot dessert will conquer even those who are indifferent to sweets.  

Ginger pear

Pear jam with ginger

Original pear jam is one of the best additions to flavored tea on a winter evening. Peel and peel 1½ kg of pears and cut into large slices. Mix them with 30 of grated ginger root, 700 of sugar, juice of half a lemon, cover with cling film and leave for about an hour. Then bring the mixture to a boil and cook 30 minutes, regularly removing the foam. We pour the jam over the cans and remove to a secluded place before the cold weather.

Assorted Apple

This assortment will appeal to those who like unusual combinations

Apples are with us all year round, but now they are more delicious than ever. Therefore, the jam of them turns out amazing. Peel 1½ kg of apples and cut into slices. Cook the syrup from 2 kg of sugar and 1 a glass of water. We drop apple slices into it, pour a glass of dried apricots, prunes or raisins. Cook the mixture for half an hour after boiling and roll it into jars. This assortment will appeal to those who love unusual combinations.

Berry squash

Original zucchini jam

You must have heard about the original recipe for zucchini jam. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time to fix it. Cut 1 kg of peeled zucchini or zucchini into cubes. Prepare a thick syrup of 100 ml of water and 1⅓ kg of sugar. Lay in it the vegetables and half a lemon, sliced ​​(with zest). Bring the mixture to a boil, boil until the zucchini is transparent, and roll into jars. Delicate jam with a slight sourness melts in the mouth, giving a pleasant feeling.

Do you have any unusual jam recipes in your arsenal? Share original ideas and tell what sweets you have already prepared 

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