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Sweet "heavyweights": the most high-calorie fruit

Fruits - tasty and healthy treat, perfect in every way. Most of them are low in calories, but even among them it is possible to meet these nutritional giants. What are the most high-calorie fruit? How to choose them? And what it is possible to prepare?

Avocado Chicken

Heads the fruit chart of avocados, because its caloric value is 200-225 kcal. There are not so many avocados. But before you enjoy a delicacy, you need to choose it competently. Lightly press on the fruit: if the dent is immediately smoothed, it is already ripe. Now shake the avocado. Bone inside is dry and tap, which means it's a good avocado. Recipes for making salads with this fruit are very popular and are made very easily. We offer to cook dishes from avocados. Boil 200 g chicken fillet and grind it. Avocado peel, remove the stone and cut the flesh into thin plates. Grapefruit is divided into slices, we remove white films and also cut. Lettuce leaves are torn with our hands and we cover them with a plate. We lay on them pieces of chicken with avocado, sprinkle with chopped celery, pieces of grapefruit and rings of red onion. Now we mix the refueling from 4 art. l. juice of grapefruit, 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp. grain mustard, salt, a mixture of black and red peppers, and then pour a salad on it. This and other recipes for cooking avocados you can find on our website.

Banana Chocolate Delight

Sweet tasty fruit has a bright yellow color and smooth skin. And brown spots indicate that he has reached the desired condition

Second place takes on calorie banana, containing 90-100 kcal. Sweet delicious fruit has a bright yellow color and smooth skin. A brown spots indicate that he had reached the necessary standard.

Recipes for high-calorie fruits are not limited to salads and smoothies. Banana is no exception. You can make pancakes, pancakes, muffins, cookies, sweets from it. Banana pies are really delicious. Using a blender, turn the 3 banana into a smooth mashed potatoes. Separately mix 2,5 cup flour, 1 tsp. soda and 1 / 2 tsp. salt. In another bowl, beat with a mixer 100 of butter with 3 / 4 of a glass of sugar, add 2 eggs and flour. Then add banana puree, 150 of yogurt, a pinch of vanilla and mix thoroughly. Next, the recipe for cooking bananas prescribes to mix 120 g of crushed bitter chocolate, 1 a glass of crushed nuts, 1 / 2 tsp. cinnamon and 50 g melted butter. Banana mass is divided into two parts. Pour half of the dough into a baking dish with foil, sprinkle with chocolate and nut filling, close with the second part of the dough and sprinkle with nuts and chocolate again. We bake the cake 35 – 40 minutes at a temperature 190 ° C. 

The sun in the curd clouds

The feeling of viscosity in the mouth suggests that you have immature persimmon

Following the banana is a persimmon with caloric content 65-70 kcal. The mature fruit has a rounded shape, smooth shiny skin and a rich, close to the deep red color. The peduncle is dry and dark. The sensation of viscosity in the mouth suggests that you are an immature persimmon. Preparation of dishes from this fruit will master even beginners. First of all, they are fruit salads, colorful jellies and quick pastries. And persimmon is perfectly combined with cottage cheese. This property can be safely used for persimmon cooking recipes. Wipe 500 g of cottage cheese and mix it with 100 ginned cereals. In a separate bowl, beat the 2 eggs with 50 g of sugar and rub it with a zest of 1 oranges. Combine the curd mass with the eggs and knead the dough. The form for baking is lubricated with oil, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and poured into it half the dough. We cut 2 persimmon thin slices and stacked from above. Fill them with the remaining curd mass and put the form in the oven preheated to 180 ° C for 35-40 minutes.

Tropic Jam

Ripe figs should not be too soft, have any damage, traces of mold or fermentation

Figs, which will pull on 56 – 60 kcal, though not the most high-calorie fruit presented, but quite nutritious in its properties. It has a pear-shaped shape, a thin peel of light yellow or purple color, a short dry root. Ripe fruit should not be too soft, have any damage, traces of mold or fermentation. Recipes for figs will delight gourmets. It can be baked with meat, combined with cheese in various snacks, cook delicious puffs and pies. Especially popular is fig jam. It requires 1 kg of ripe fruit, which must be carefully picked and rinsed under water. On each fruit we make several punctures with a toothpick, and then we introduce one nut of roasted hazelnuts. Pour 1 figs of sugar into a pelvis and leave for a day to make juice. If it is not enough, you can add water. After that, put the figs on the stove, bring the mass to a boil and cook 45 minutes on low heat. The finished jam is poured into cans and rolled up in the usual way. 

Hopefully, our recipes will appeal to many. And what high-calorie fruits do you like? What dishes please relatives and friends? Share selected recipes from your collection! 

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