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Mulled Wine: the verge of taste

With the onset of cold weather is becoming the most popular drink mulled wine. This wonderful cocktail will help keep warm, get rid gloomy mood and strengthen the immune system. Today we will discuss the best recipes for mulled wine.

Mulled wine in red

Without a classic recipe in our ranking can not do. To make it, mix in a saucepan two cinnamon sticks, some flowers cloves, a piece of ginger, a pinch of nutmeg. Fill it with a mixture of 100 ml of water, bring to a boil, and then we filter and insist 10 minutes. Then pour into a saucepan with the broth fragrant 750 ml of dry table wine and add the sliced ​​apple, orange and lemon. Gradually heat the drink, and without letting it boil, remove from heat. Pour prepared mulled wine by the glass and decorate with a slice of orange.

Mulled wine in white

If you prefer dry white wine, it is perfect for mulled wine.

Prepare a delicious mulled wine can be not only of red wines. If you prefer dry white wine, it is quite suitable for this cocktail. Put in a pan of cinnamon stick, sprinkle it with brown sugar (50 of), nutmeg (1 / 4 hours. L.), Fragrant black pepper (1 / 4 tsp). This also put orange slices and pour all 500 ml of white wine. This mixture should then over moderate heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then cook mulled wine still 5-6 minutes and then we filter it and pour into glasses. Before serving, decorate with their dried fruit.

Mulled wine in cranberries

Cranberry mulled wine is not only tasty, but also very useful in a non-alcoholic version

Tasty and very useful mulled wine can be made from cranberries. Its preparation starting with the spices. Mix cinnamon sticks 6, 5-6 peas of black pepper, a few flowers of star anise, ginger slice and 4 Art. l. Sahara. Fill a fragrant mixture of a liter of cranberry juice or fruit drink, add a glass of orange juice and a little water. We would drink to a boil over low heat, cover with a lid and give the brew 5-10 minutes. Then re-heated the drink, pour 400 ml port wine, but give the boil. Before serving, we filter mulled wine poured into a glass and decorate with slices of kumquat.

Mulled wine with fantasy

Egg mulled wine will surprise and delight your guests

If you are not averse to experimenting, unusual ways of making mulled wine will be to your taste. For aromatic coffee mulled wine, we need 300 ml of finished black coffee. Heat it to 70-80 ° C, combine with hot red wine (750 ml), sugar (150 g) and brandy (100 g.). It remains to thoroughly mix all the ingredients and you can serve a cocktail to the table. The original egg mulled wine will also delight gourmets. First, bring a liter of red wine with carnation flowers to a boil over low heat. Meanwhile, rubbing two egg yolks with 4 tsp. sugar, slightly heat them up and pour a thin stream into the saucepan with wine. Mulled wine should be whipped up to the formation of foam, not allowing it to boil.  

Mulled wine for tempered  

In the non-alcoholic version of mulled wine, wine can be replaced with grape juice

Do not like alcohol or forced to temporarily abandon it? Not a problem, because you can prepare the non-alcoholic mulled wine. The wine we substitute grape juice. 3 Pouring a glass of juice in a saucepan, dilute it with water and add the traditional spices: cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom. To add a recipe to help slices of orange, lemon peel, apple and some raisins. Withstands the mixture over low heat, without boiling, then cover with a lid and insist 5-10 minutes. Glasses with fragrant drink decorate with fresh fruit and berries.

 Mulled wine in gold

Honey and black pepper can add an original touch to mulled wine recipe

Delicious mulled wine, the recipe of which is already well familiar to us, perfectly complement the honey. The first thing we cut big orange slices with zest. Then warmed red wine (750 ml) in a saucepan and pour into it a few flowers cloves, a pinch of ground cinnamon, 2 Art. l. honey and orange slices. The piquancy of mulled wine will add black pepper and a pinch of salt. As usual, the mixture is heated, not bringing it to a boil, we insist for a while and pour into glasses. This cocktail can be combined not only with fruits, and cheese.

Mulled wine in Scandinavian motifs

Brandy uses mulled wine in a Scandinavian recipe.

Those who prefer a hot drink, will appreciate Scandinavian mulled wine. In a large saucepan pour red wine (300 ml), pour out cardamom, clove flowers and put a stick of cinnamon. Add here to 750 ml red port wine, sweet wine sherry and Madera, heat the mixture on low heat. In the meantime, put the pieces of the refined sugar (230 g) in a colander and install it over an empty pan. Top with a thin trickle pour on it warmed brandy (100 ml) and ignite the sugar mixture. When it burns, we combine it with the wine assortment and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cut three lemons in thin slices and pour into a saucepan. We give mulled wine to brew, filter, pour on glasses and decorate almonds with raisins.

Now you know how to make home-made mulled wine, whose recipe will conquer even the most captious gourmet. If you have your own original finds, be sure to share them with other readers. 

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