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Olive oil: so close to Spain

In the bustle of the city and gray working everyday life often reminded of carefree and happy vacation days. Plunge into the relaxing atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast will allow small gastronomic journey, because, as you know, most of the positive emotions of the holidays remains after the local cuisine.

 The rich flavor of olive oil will bring back warm memories of precious vacation days.

Spain is deservedly famous for its traditional technologies of growing and processing olives. This country is known for its olive groves stretching beyond the horizon, in which ripe juicy fruits grow. From these fruits, Ideal olive oil of the highest quality category is obtained, for the production of which one of the most fertile Spanish provinces, Seville, was chosen. A special variety of olives ripens here, from which a truly unique oil with a characteristic soft bitterness is produced. Today, as well as thousands of years ago, oil is obtained by cold pressing, without the addition of preservatives and impurities. Real olive oil is produced in several stages: collecting and storing olives, grinding the fruits into a homogeneous mass, kneading and pressing. The final process is the separation of oil from water in a special centrifuge. Experienced experts work on the creation of olive oil. Produced with years of experience passed down from generation to generation, and using the best modern technology, Ideal Olive Oil gives any dish a Mediterranean flavor, making it not only delicious, but also healthy.

The sea breeze, fresh air, bright sun and delicious food - summer memories in every drop of olive oil Ideal.

The Ideal brand is produced by Bunge, a leading agribusiness and food company founded in 1818. Ideal vegetable oil has existed on the Russian market since 1994. Today, just like ten years ago, the Ideal brand tries to follow the desires of its consumers and offers only proven high quality products. The Ideal range includes sunflower and olive oils. Since 2008, the Ideal oil production technology, which fully meets the world standard, has been successfully reproduced at the Bunge plant in Voronezh, so now Ideal is also produced in Russia.

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