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Meals are "high" cuisine for 5 minutes!

Prepare a delicious restaurant dishes with his own hands in just a few minutes You think this is impossible? "Internet Restaurant №1» easily embody this vision a reality.

"Internet Restaurant №1" It is a new and unique project created specifically for those who prefer fine dining, but do not want to spend time wandering around the shops in search of high-quality products, culinary shtudirovanie forums and many hours standing at the stove.

The creators of the project “Internet Restaurant No. 1” have found the perfect solution to all these problems.

Order a variety of products and ready meals on the Internet has become an integral part of life for most residents of the metropolis. Dinner at a nice restaurant with excellent cuisine - one familiar and very pleasant ritual. What if you combine these two things into a coherent whole? - You have thought the creators of the "Internet Restaurant №1».

Thus were born an original idea - to bring food to the "Almost done."

“Almost done” - these are vacuumized sets of dishes that are delivered to you almost ready-made. But first, a team of culinary masters under the guidance of chef Alexander Zhurkin performs all the main preliminary work. They completely prepare products for further use: they clean and cut, boil and fry, pickle and stuff, and also create unusual sauces. After that, all the finished ingredients are placed in vacuum packages, which indicate the date of manufacture, method and shelf life.  

Then the cause is taken courier service that promptly delivers all these wonderful goodies at the address and time convenient for you. Well, you is the most enjoyable part - dogotovit dish and, using the advice of the chef skillfully serve them on a plate. Just a few minutes - and you can enjoy the great taste of authentic restaurant meals. The result: savings of time, clean the kitchen, there is no waste, relatives satisfied guests in astonishment.

In the "Internet Restaurant №1» menu is mainly dominated by Mediterranean cuisine, which is famous not only for sophisticated flavor combinations, but also very useful properties. In addition, the popular Russian dishes presented in the menu.

Go to the restaurant's website, study the menu and make an order without getting up. You can also directly contact the operator, and soon the selected dishes will be at your place. 

And for starters, we bring to your attention a recipe for cooking dishes from the signature restaurant “Internet Restaurant No. XXUMX”. 

Fillet Mignon '

Medallions of veal wrapped in bacon with mushroom sauce

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Weight per serving: 420 grams

To prepare this dish yourself, you will need: veal, bacon, garlic, "Teriyaki" sauce, thyme, mustard grain, mushrooms, cream. All the restaurant staff is already bought, they are also pickled meat, cooked mushroom sauce, zavakuumirovali and delivered to your home. You have only to unpack and prepare, according to the attached photo-recipe:

1. Corn oil pour into the pan and cook over moderate heat.

2. We shift into the pan medallions of veal, cover with a lid and fry for 5 minutes until golden brown.

3. Overturn medallions on the other side and fry them even 5 minutes under the lid closed.

4. Pour into the pan mushroom sauce and gently mix his shovel. Close the lid, reduce the heat and tormented medallions 10 minutes. During this time it is necessary to flip every medallions on the other side.

5. Remove the pan from the heat and, without removing the cover, giving authentic 3 minutes.

6. Remove the string with which the medallions were wrapped.

7. Now ready-made medallions can be transferred to a plate and sprinkled with sauce to taste. If you wish, you can decorate "Mignon" with fresh herbs.

Bon Appetit! And welcome to the "Internet Restaurant №1»!

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