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Alcoholic etiquette with brutal character

How to drink and what to drink alcoholic beverages

Coming the most masculine holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day. And that means, without solemn libations can not do. And since the laws of drinking have not been canceled, it will be useful to remember how to properly drink and snack alcoholic beverages.

Fidelity to traditions

Among the heroes of the occasion there are many experienced experts who are willing to tell you how to properly drink and eat vodka. Before the feast, it must be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that it is sufficiently cooled, but not icy. “Grinding” vodka with beer and other strong drinks is considered a move. In addition, it threatens severe hangover. About the fact that it is better to have a snack on vodka, heated debate is burning. Meanwhile, the ideal snack was and remains a pickled cucumber, as well as other pickles and marinades. Meat eaters are best served with ham, boiled veal or lard. And if your defender prefers fish, put sliced ​​balyk or salmon on the table. In honor of the holiday you can indulge your favorite sandwiches with caviar.   

Pure nobility

Gourmet Cheese and Grapes Canapes

We learned how to drink and eat cognac correctly from Emperor Nicholas II, who was content with a slice of lemon. Although some connoisseurs believe that the sharp taste and aroma of citrus mercilessly ruin the fragile bouquet of the noble drink. In that case, what is the best way to eat cognac? True connoisseurs are sure that nothing. An exception can be made for a feast and serve olives, seafood, chopped pears, grapes or dark chocolate with the drink. Gourmet canapes will also be appropriate. We string a piece of cheddar or maasdam cheese, a large grape on a skewer and decorate with a mint leaf - an excellent snack for cognac is ready. But the most sophisticated gourmets believe that excellent cognac should be supplemented with expensive cigars and black coffee. 

Severe northern temper

A good appetizer for whiskey will be beef tongue, smoked salmon or seafood

Noble whiskey - the invention of the Scots, but because they set the rules for good tone. How to drink and eat whiskey? Before serving, it should be cooled slightly and slightly shake the bottle. It should be drunk in small sips, holding the mouth for a couple of seconds. Experts offer several variations for every taste as a snack. Meat gourmets they recommend beef tongue or game with a light aroma of smoke. Fans of fish will surely enjoy the successful combination of whiskey and smoked salmon. By the way, seafood perfectly set off some whiskeys with herbal notes. An organic addition to the drink will be fresh fruit: melon, yellow apples, peaches or bananas. 

Pirate gold

You can combine rum with slices of pineapple, avocado or papaya, sprinkled with cinnamon

Favorite drink of terrible pirates to taste of many modern men. And although it is very popular, how to drink and eat rum, few people know. Usually rum slowly savor with ice or added to cocktails - it is in perfect harmony with fruit juices and coconut milk. For the most persistent defenders, the question of how best to eat rum is not relevant, since they prefer pure pleasure. Everyone else is recommended to combine the drink with a slice of pineapple, avocado or papaya, sprinkling them with cinnamon. And you can make a light snack of shrimp. Cut into slices two fresh tomatoes, put on each of them 1 tsp. soft cheese and top with skewers we fix boiled shrimp with a sprig of dill. 

Mexican passions

Tequila can be served with Mexican salsa sauce and slices of dried pita bread

How to drink and eat tequila, even those who have never done it know. First, a pinch of salt is licked from the back of the palm, then a stack of tequila is tipped over, and a piece of lime is sent into her mouth. In fairness, we note that at home tequila, in Mexico, they drink it in one gulp without all these tricks. In extreme cases, washed down with sangrita - a cocktail of orange, tomato and hot pepper. The better to bite tequila according to the rules? Most successfully it will be added with fried shrimps with garlic or mussels with onions. Tequila can also be served with Mexican salsa sauce and pieces of dried pita bread. In the blender bowl, chop 3 fresh tomatoes, 1 onion, 3 chili peppers and add tn to the resulting mass of 2. lemon juice and salt to taste.  

Green fairy magic

If you intend to offer absinthe cocktail to your guests, it should be supplemented with citruses or dark chocolate.

Not everyone will master their favorite drink of Hemingway and Van Gogh, because the absinthe strength is at least 70 degrees. How to drink and eat absinthe? One of the most popular recipes offers to put a piece of refined sugar on a special spoon with holes and place it over an empty glass. Emerald absinthe is poured onto the sugar in a trickle on top, carefully set on fire and watch as the caramel droplets flow down. Then add absinthe cold water in the proportion of 1: 3. The better to eat absinthe? Big admirers of this drink, the French, recommend their favorite blue cheese, green olives, a slice of sour apple or grapes. And if you are going to offer guests a cocktail with absinthe, it should be supplemented with citrus or bitter chocolate. 

These simple recommendations may well be useful to you for drawing up a festive menu. Do you have your own secrets of how to drink spirits properly? Be sure to share ideas with other readers!

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