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The main spices of Georgian cuisine

Spices - this is soul food, especially when talking about Georgian cuisine, with its incomparable herbs. How to make everyday authentic Georgian flavor? Let us examine together.

Fireworks flavors

Georgian chefs always prefer dry mixtures of ground spices, called suneli, which means "flavor".

The most popular spice in this series is khmeli-suneli. Components and proportions may vary depending on the region. Traditionally, this mixture consists of dried dill, cilantro, savory, basil, marjoram, coriander, and saffron. Sometimes bay leaves, celery or parsley are added to it. All herbs are crushed, mixed and stored in a tightly closed jar. Since khmeli-suneli has an intense aroma, it is worth adding it to dishes little by little, so as not to clog the aroma of the rest of the ingredients. It is impossible to imagine any Georgian dish without this spice, be it kharcho, satsivi or lobio. Nut inspiration

seasoning hops

Уцхо-сунели - one more classical Georgian spice in which structure seeds of blue fenugreek of the first grade enter. Very hard grains resembling small peas are first subjected to heat treatment, and then grinded. In itself, the spice has a weak odor and really only opens up in the finished dish, giving it a wonderful nutty flavor. In order for uхоsko-suneli to turn out well, it is best to choose freshly ground seeds of fenugreek, otherwise it will be bitter. This seasoning is organically combined with a young mutton, advantageously emphasizes the taste of fish and gives the original notes to the chicken.

Gourmet Salt

To the salt in the Georgian cuisine is a special attitude, but because of the usual stone here prefer the legendary Svan salt. Its name comes from the highland region of Svaneti, where the herbs that make up its structure grow. Since ancient times, salt was considered an invaluable product, so various spices were added to it to increase reserves. The combination was so successful that they decided not to give up this tradition. Prepare Svan salt is possible and at home. To do this, we need 1 kg of salt, 1 glass of uzho-suneli, half a glass of red pepper, saffron, cilantro and dill seeds, as well as a quarter of a glass of cumin and 250 of garlic. All the ingredients are thoroughly crushed and tightly closed in a glass jar.

Exquisite sweetness

saffron spices Imereti saffron, or marigolds, besides Georgia, is known in America, Mexico, Canada, France, Congo and other countries. Prepare it from orange marigold flower boxes. Initially, they are thoroughly dried in a dark place, because the sun's rays contribute to the evaporation of the essential oil, and then turn into powder. Imereti saffron has a sophisticated floral aroma with bright fruit accents. This spice flavors primarily rice dishes, stews, snacks with walnuts and soups. And marigold essential oil is often added to alcoholic beverages to give a sweet aroma.

At the edge of taste

Adjika Adjika is known not only as a traditional tomato sauce, but also as a spicy dry seasoning. It is based on red pepper and paprika, as well as a whole bunch of different spices, such as coriander, basil, savory, cilantro, marjoram, etc. If you add a little vinegar, coarse salt and a pinch of sugar to them, you get an excellent spicy sauce. Spicy and at the same time sweet-bitter spice will transform any dish, and its flavor will awaken an unprecedented appetite. Adjika can be blended with macaroni, rice, vegetables, meat, poultry, soups and, of course, various sauces. 

Just one pinch of Georgian spices will give your dishes a unique taste and an intoxicating aroma that will inhale a bright and cheerful mood in them. 

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