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Intoxicated sweet seven recipes of home infusions of fruits and berries

Many of us want the summer to last forever. Alas, the perfect moment to stop, we can not afford, but to save a piece of summer, we may well. And help us in this alcoholic beverages from berries and fruits.

Juniper spirit

From time immemorial, in each house in Russia, stored and tinctures of berries. Their main ingredient is alcohol and beverages based on it. Although experts say that it is best to absorb the flavor and taste of the fruits of vodka. In the old days tincture on juniper berries was beyond competition. To prepare it, take 10-15 berries, crush it with a rolling pin and transfer it to the bottom of a glass jar. Adding 1 ch. Cumin, 1 tsp. Coriander and zest of 1 lemon. Pour the ingredients 500 ml of vodka, close the lid and insist 2 weeks. Then we top up the infusion with syrup (1 sugar per ml of water per 100 ml of water) and let it savor the sweetness for a couple of days. Now you can safely take a sample.

Naughty cherry

For flavor, you can put a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg in the tincture.

Cherry also suitable for home infusions of berries on alcohol. Take 1 kg cherries with pits, wash and pierce with a toothpick. We shift the berries in a two-liter jar and fill them 5 Art. l. Sahara. For fragrance put a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Fill berries 500 ml of vodka or alcohol, bottle opening cover with gauze and tied with twine. We leave it to the box on 2 month, preferably on the sunny side. Do not forget to shake up the berries every 3 days. Then filtered and tincture bottles.

Raspberry temptation

Sweet raspberry tincture

Do you prefer a sweeter raspberry? Then the recipe for a drink with berries based on it will be your favorite. We need 2½ kg of ripe large berries without any signs of rotting. Peeled washed raspberries are put in a deep bowl, pour 250 g of sugar, pour 500 ml of vodka and let it sit for an hour. Then we shift raspberries into liter jars, tightly close them with lids and insist for exactly a month. In this case, the recipe for making berries prescribes keeping the cans away from the sun's rays. After a month we filter the tincture through gauze and we pour it into bottles.

Incendiary Fireworks  

A long wait will more than pay off with an amazing taste and marvelous berry aroma

Homemade berry platter will delight in the rich taste. It is best to take the berries in equal proportions, according to 500 – 600. Strawberries, blackberries, red and black currants are perfect. Purified and washed berries are laid out in two two-liter jars, we fall asleep in each 250 g of sugar. Leave them in a warm place for 2 weeks, then pour in 500 ml of alcohol in them. The next month, the tincture of berries on alcohol will hold in a cool dark place. After filtering it through gauze, bottled, close the lids and insist 3 – 4 month. A long wait with interest will pay off the amazing taste and wondrous berry aroma. 

Apricot dope

This drink with an original bitterness and nutty notes will appeal to lovers of exquisite alcoholic cocktails.

With tinctures of berries at home, only tinctures of fruits, for example from apricots, will equal. Select 1 kg of mature fruit, rinse them and remove the bones. We extract the nuclei from the hard shells, dry them and crush them into crumbs. The flesh of apricots is cut into slices, we put it into a two-liter jar, fill it with ground kernels and 250 g sugar. Fill fruit with 500 ml of vodka, close the lid and put it in a dark place for a month. After the expiration of the time, we strain the tincture from the fruit and pour it on the bottles. This drink with the original bitterness and nutty notes will be to the liking of fans of refined alcoholic cocktails.

Fragrant plum

This tart drink with a deep aroma will appreciate even the most stringent home critics

Traditional svejanka will decorate any house feast. It is suitable for both yellow and blue plums. The main thing is that they are ripe, but not overripe and not rotten. For a bright aroma, put on the bottom of a three-liter can of 20 grams of grated ginger and ½ tsp. Cinnamon. We fill it with 2 kg pitted plums, cut into slices. We fill them with 300 g sugar, pour a liter of vodka and close the lid. To ensure that this fruit tincture on alcohol has acquired a harmonious taste, it must be held in a dark place for a month. After that, we filter it and cork it into bottles. This tart drink with a deep scent will appreciate even the most stringent home critics.

Sweet couple

An interesting version of tincture of apples and pears

A very interesting variation is obtained from pears and apples. We select for 2 kg strong ripe fruit, peel them from the peel and core, cut into slices. We place one nutmeg and 7 – 8 lemon balm leaves on the bottom of a large can in which the fruit alcoholic beverage will ripen. Spread apples and pears, sprinkle them with 200 – 250 of sugar and pour a liter of vodka. If desired, you can dilute it with water to slightly bring down the fortress. This tincture for fermentation is enough for a couple of weeks. Then it can be filtered and poured into bottles. Look for more recipes for alcoholic drinks from berries and fruits on our website.   

Do you know how to make a tincture of berries and fruits? Share family recipes and the subtleties of cooking your favorite pet drinks with other readers.

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