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Sour cream "Asenevskaya farm": healthy be delicious

This remarkable product with pleasure our ancestors ate a few centuries ago. Even today, there is always a place for him, as for the daily meal, and at the festive table. However, not all are equally useful cream.

How to distinguish a natural product from a surrogate? We understand together with experts in the quality of dairy products from the Asenyevskaya Ferma Trading House.  


Clean technology

Sour cream is considered to be a truly Russian invention, and there are no worthy analogues in other countries. In Russia this product was prepared as follows: left for a few days in a small tub of cream, and then "swept away" the top layer from the surface of the formed acidic mass. Hence the name went on, which was firmly entrenched in the product. For a long time sour cream was considered a delicacy and served in the homes of wealthy gentlemen, who happily sipped it with spoons. A little later sour cream was used as a sauce: generously served potatoes, served to homemade pancakes, added to pickled mushrooms. Surprisingly, the rest of the world discovered sour cream only after the Second World War, and many foreigners still call sour cream "Russian cream". In modern production sour cream uses natural cream and leaven from lactic streptococci, thanks to which the process of fermentation takes place, and sour cream gets a unique taste with brand sourness.


health Formula

The present sour cream has a homogeneous thick consistency with a glossy surface and a minimum content of grains of fat. Even white with a light creamy tint, evenly distributed over the surface, is a sign of a quality and fresh product. The optimum level of acidity for sour cream with fat content 15-25% does not exceed 100 ° on the Turner scale, and the mass fraction of protein ranges from 2,3% to 2,6%. GOST standards say that in the natural product should be exclusively cream and leaven. If there are emulsifiers, stabilizers and various substitutes inside the jar with sour cream, it turns into a dairy product of lower quality.

Sour digested faster than the cream, and the amount of essential vitamins A and E in it many times greater than in milk. Sour cream is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus and other elements necessary in the first place the growing child's body, as well as the elderly. Present in this product and lecithin, which prevents the formation of excess cholesterol in the blood. All these qualities in full mene has a cream under the brand name "Asenevskaya farm."


Benefits in each spoon

Aseniev sour cream combines a velvety consistency, delicate creamy taste with slight acidic notes and a slight pleasant aroma. Already mentioned lactic fermentation turns it into a product with a probiotic effect, when the beneficial bacteria contained in it create a favorable microflora in the intestine and activate the work of the digestive organs. In addition, sour cream well saturates the body, enriching it with useful substances and energy. For these reasons sour cream "Asenevskaya farm" can be included in the diet of patients with anemia, malnutrition and those who do not have a good appetite. And yet this sour cream stimulates brain activity and raises the mood.

A nice bonus for beautiful ladies who want to become even more beautiful - this product can be used for homemade beauty masks. Combinations of sour cream with honey, fresh fruit and herbal decoctions will give the skin beauty and freshness. Perhaps the only fact capable of spoiling this blissful picture is the short-lived shelf life of Asenyevsky cream, not exceeding 10 days. However, this is an important sign of a high-quality natural product, indispensable for our health.

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