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The most useful varieties of vegetable oil

A rare dish do without oil. It successfully emphasizes the taste of food, gives pleasant aroma, enriches them with unsaturated fats and a host of other nutrients. About the most useful type of oil, and we will talk.

Olives: youth and longevity

The most common favorite among vegetable oils is olive oil. By the amount of monounsaturated fats, it does not know itself equal. And after all, they purify the blood of harmful cholesterol and protect the heart from various diseases. Olive oil is not without reason called the elixir of youth. The main secret lies in the rich content of vitamin E, which synthesizes in the cells of the body the natural collagen and elastin. For the same reason, olive oil is very useful for the skin, so cosmetic masks are made from it or simply rubbed into the skin of the face. Another powerful anti-aging weapon is antioxidants that fight free radicals and various manifestations of cancer. In addition, olive oil reduces appetite and speeds up metabolic processes in the body, thereby contributing to weight loss. However, even such a wonderful and useful product should be consumed in moderation. Since olive oil has a choleretic effect, it is better to refuse cholecystitis from it. And for frying it should not be used - thermal treatment will destroy most of the valuable properties.

Sesame: an alternative to drugs

Sesame oil combines two valuable qualities at once. This is an incredibly delicious product with an exquisite aroma and natural medicine in one bottle. It is often recommended by doctors to restore platelet levels in the blood and improve coagulation. Sesame oil is part of many ointments, injection solutions and oil emulsions. In addition, it has a laxative and anti-inflammatory effect, perfectly relieves pain with rheumatism and migraine. Sesame oil is especially useful for those who suffer from shortness of breath, asthma, or dry cough. And Indian traditional healers treat it with severe poisoning with toxins. However, the active substances contained in sesame oil, with uncontrolled consumption, can also have a harmful effect. First of all, this applies to people with diseases of the stomach and sensitive to various allergens. 

Flax: comprehensive recovery

Some nutritionists believe that flaxseed oil surpasses all other varieties in terms of nutrient content. So, the amount of vital essential omega-3 acids in it is several times higher than in any other oil and even fish oil. Regular use of linseed oil contributes to the improvement of the whole organism. As a result, metabolism is established and the excess weight goes away, blood pressure is normalized, the kidneys, organs of vision and nervous system work better, immunity is strengthened, hair and skin are poured with beauty and health. Nutritionists recommend drinking a tablespoon of linseed oil on an empty stomach to "start" the digestive processes, as well as in preventing the formation of stones in the bile ducts. Minus this oil is only one - the ability to quickly deteriorate under the influence of direct sunlight. But even fresh oil should not be carried away excessively, because it is fraught with a disorder of the stomach and unpleasant painful sensations.

Walnut: Disease Prevention

Walnut kernels are a delicacy loved by many. But the healing properties of oils based on them are few known. Meanwhile, walnut oil is a real find for patients with chronic gastritis and a stomach ulcer. In addition, it protects liver cells from destruction, and is used in the treatment of hepatitis. Diabetics should also take a closer look at this oil, as it lowers blood sugar levels well. Walnut oil is also beneficial for the thyroid gland, especially with its hyperfunction. And this oil is recommended for pregnant women: its components contribute to the formation of fetal nerve cells. And after the birth of the baby, nursing mothers should not part with walnut oil, because it stimulates lactation and nourishes breast milk with nutrients. However, first you need to find out if it will cause an allergic reaction.

Pumpkin: Vitamins of Growth and Beauty

Despite the fact that pumpkin oil is not so popular, it has a rich history and is famous for its many beneficial properties. It was known to Europeans since the Middle Ages and was highly valued - for a bottle of oil you could get a precious ring. Unlike other varieties, pumpkin seed oil can be given to young children without concern. It contains a special amino acid arginine, which, in combination with vitamin A, is indispensable for a developing immature organism. Pumpkin oil is especially useful for intense physical and mental stress, and also helps to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome. Frequent use of it will help get rid of problems with weak dull hair and brittle nails. By the way, pumpkin oil-based cosmetic masks effectively nourish the skin and make it smooth and supple. Caution should be exercised by diabetics, as well as people with individual intolerance to the individual components.

Home food should be not only tasty and healthy, but also original. Try to add to the usual dishes are a few simple strokes using oils from our rankings. They certainly take a worthy place in your kitchen and admire the whole family.

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