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Why is white chocolate?

Open to the world, "drink of the gods", the Aztecs made famous by its proud ancient tribe for centuries. Modern chocolate riot of colors would certainly have led them into raptures, and white chocolate, and all would have caused confusion.

Chocolate in white

We owe the creation of this original delicacy to the recognized chocolate guru, the Swiss. In 1930, the now famous company Nestlé, after prolonged agony of creativity, presented to the public an amazing novelty - white chocolate. A year later, American entrepreneur Forrest Mars and his partner Bruce Murier (creators of another chocolate giant, M & M's) released their version of white chocolates. At first, even the most curious sweet tooth reacted to the new idea with suspicion. The white chocolate tasted too sweet and looked more like frozen condensed milk. However, the audience soon tasted and approved the unusual delicacy. After World War II, it appeared in the assortment of every self-respecting chocolate factory. In the Soviet Union, white chocolate remained a harmful product for a long time, in terms of nutrition and ideology.

Wrong chocolate

This chocolate must contain cocoa beans. This ingredient is emblazoned in the first lines on his label. The white chocolate has been replaced by cocoa butter, which are obtained from the same cocoa beans in the production process. And because white chocolate is not really chocolate. cocoa butter to produce a bright sweet taste mixed with sugar, vanilla and milk dry film. This mixture is heated, then cooled, give the desired consistency, texture and taste, and then filled into various forms.

According to European standards, good white chocolate contains at least 20% cocoa butter, 15% milk powder, about 55% various sweeteners (including sugar) and 4% milk fat. It is hardly possible to find a reference chocolate bar in Russian supermarkets. However, the label should be studied with passion before purchasing a chocolate bar. If, instead of cocoa butter, it contains vegetable oil or any other suspicious components, it is better to put such a surrogate aside.

Harmful or helpful?

In response to this question, heated discussions still arise. Connoisseurs of white chocolate talk about healthy substances that you will not find in a bar of dark chocolate. For example, vitamin K promotes better absorption of calcium and a healthy kidney. Selenium has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, protects the body from infections. Successfully apply white chocolate and externally. As cosmetologists assure, face masks based on this sweet are useful for dry and problematic skin. With their frequent use, you can delay the appearance of early wrinkles and get rid of the obsessive rash.

However, white chocolate has several serious disadvantages. The most significant of them is the absence of those same cocoa beans. They contain flavanoids and polyphenols, which are the invaluable benefits of chocolate. There is no caffeine in white chocolate, which in general is also a disadvantage. On the other hand, such a delicacy can be safely given to young children. Only without fanaticism, since it contains several times more sugar than ordinary chocolate. And this is fraught with caries and other problems.

However, even these facts do not in the least interfere with the fiery passion of sweetness to white chocolate. After all, the feeling of inspiring joy, which he gives, is priceless. 

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