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Chocolate - a source of magic

This mysterious chocolate

The fact that chocolate is a difficult product, is now best known children. Most likely, the adults were too would not mind to recognize the chocolate some special properties, if not trying so hard to explain any event, the quality and the effects of scientific laws.

But this is just a tribute to time.

Chocolate is one of the oldest products, and its history is marked by solid legends, mysteries and mysticism, and the exact origin is still unknown. According to one version, the first to touch the mystery of the taste of chocolate, the Aztecs and Maya Indians, who used the drink in various ritualistic rites and attributed to him the divine properties. However, there is evidence that the Aztecs used hot chocolate infusion in combination with chili, aciot (a plant used in Latin American and Philippine cuisine as a dye), cornmeal and some hallucinogenic mushrooms, which allegedly allowed them to try "their minds on taste". Naturally, to the process of drinking a holy drink, not all were allowed, and it was only allowed to try it.

Captain, smile!

However, the composition of chocolate is so specific that it can affect the human body without psychedelic additives. Cocoa fruits contain unusual substances - theobromine and phenylethylamine. 

Theobromine stimulates the central nervous system, heart activity, increases heart blood vessels and brain. Unlike caffeine, theobromine can align in a person's mood. For many people, chocolate causes the tides of energy and increase mental performance. Every student knows that before the exam you need to eat a piece of chocolate.

Phenylethylamine (a substance that is produced by the body in a state of extreme love and causes euphoria) stimulates mental activity, affecting the activity of nerve cells. So chocolate candy - this is something that will not give you become sad.

Of course, that the beneficial properties of chocolate are determined primarily by the quality of the cocoa fruit.

Chocolate masterpieces

It is known that in our country chocolate love and honor, and probably Russian chocolate factory "Konfael" the most successful in the production of a variety of delights from cocoa. This is not limited to the release of tiles, candies and other serial products, and are working on a copyright products of any size and complexity.

Professional artists, designers and sculptors create chocolate paintings, busts, sculptures and bas-reliefs, using the compositions of various types of color chocolate. Incidentally, it is possible to get more than a hundred tones and shades by mixing varieties. Colorful chocolate prepared by exclusive technology exclusively from natural ingredients, so here are willing to guarantee that the result will be recognizable, tasty and even useful.

Once confectioners had the opportunity to fulfill an order for the production of chocolate crocodile in full size, ie, length in meters 4,5. Sweet predator appeared almost as weighty as living - a little nedotyanul up to one ton!

For the chocolate factory are all in awe: this high-tech product, but no processes need not break the quality and taste of the raw material. For "Konfael" Chocolate makes the world-famous Belgian Barry Callebaut concern exclusively generated by the formulation used only cocoa butter-class (first pomace). Dark chocolate is made on the basis of the company in the town of Chekhov, and white - in Belgium.


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