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Chocolate in any season!

Winter with hot chocolate

The closer the end of December, the more cases arise spontaneously and everything seemed deliberately seeks to distract us from the apprehension of the holiday. We run to the shops, trying not to forget anything, and really just want to buy a bit of the mood of the New Year, while it is waiting for us at home.

Hot Chocolate - one of the fastest and enjoyable ways to warm the body and spirit after a cold walk. Especially if it is made according to an old Spanish recipe makes a captivating aroma and rich taste. If you are lucky and do not have time to snap up everything, you should try to find this delicacy from "Konfael" chocolate factory. Chocolate is made in the form of bulk pellets - classic, vanilla or cinnamon. It is recommended to use as a dessert or a drink with cream.

An exquisite evening in a warm company

To get the slow pleasure of winter evenings, we are sure to collect warm company around a plate of fruit and a hot pot flavored with chocolate. Let the chocolate fondue is no way to satisfy your hunger, but it's a great excuse for a long and pleasant evening of conversation.

For dark chocolate fondue with suitable pineapple, orange, pear and berries (if you can not get fresh, a good alternative would be thawed cherries). With milk chocolate is better to combine fruit with a less pronounced flavor, such as strawberry and banana. An unusual addition to the white chocolate will marmalade, nuts and dried fruit and red currants.

If the friends you have a lot, there is a more thorough table decoration - chocolate fountain. Three-tiered system with continuously circulating melted chocolate - the original way of presenting the bitter, milk or white chocolate for special occasions. In addition to fruits and nuts to the chocolate fountain can be fed larger additives, such as marshmallow or mini-donuts.

To avoid organizational hassle and get a guaranteed tasty result, you can order a complete set for a chocolate event of any scale on the website of the Konfael chocolate factory.

A gift in chocolate!

Returning to the formula of a successful gift, we can not agree with everyone's favorite bear Winnie the Pooh, who clearly held that a gift in any event should be sweet. And if chocolate postcards and medals have become familiar to many, the chocolate reliefs, paintings and sculptures appear until quite original.

However, for the factory of chocolate gifts "Konfael" there is no other boundaries, besides imagination of the customer: if you want to eat the queen in a chess game? to take a chocolate bath? a chocolate crocodile in full size? You are welcome!

When the actual topic of New Year gifts, the Chocolate Factory "Konfael" drew attention to a series of collections of copyright in any price range and taste.

Chocolate sets with handmade products in an incredibly beautiful boxes the same aesthetic taste and appearance - are really nice to give and receive a gift.

Elegant corporate compositions include not only the best samples of chocolate masterpieces, but truly worthy addition to luxury. A particular advantage of chocolate gifts factory "Konfael" is that you can rely on product quality, even if you are going to congratulate the President himself!

Funny and delicious children's gifts were created with special attention and trembling. In the New Year's series you can find chocolate crafts, sweet sets for coloring, a touching candy house, boxes you want to open to everyone, Christmas toys made of chocolate and many other entertaining things that will delight both the child and the adult.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Christmas collection is not without 2015 and simple mental sets for someone very close.

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